Back to normal … almost

Well, 13 weeks after the injury I am finally walking normally without any observable limp, and pretty much doing everything a normal person does … except play sport. I can now cycle with my cleats on, and go pretty much full speed, provided the road is mostly flat. I am not able to handle any single track or demanding moves because standing up while is kinda painful.

To most people I would be fully recovered, but in truth I am months away from being able to play the sports that keep me sane. Squash is probably another 6 months away, but my doctor advises me to give it up entirely. Tennis is more viable and I estimate only 2 months away.

All in all, I feel pretty grateful to have recovered as quickly as i have. My advice to brothers and sisters starting out on this involuntary journey is:

  • Be patient - it gets better and easier every day
  • Stay healthy - eat properly, take vitamins, help your body to heal
  • Keep busy - start working again asap, and time will fly by
  • Stay positive - find the good stuff, learn some lessons, and remember: this too shall pass!
  • Login here everyday - more essential than surgery is information, motivation and a sense of comraderie and community.

Good luck everyone!


2 Responses to “Back to normal … almost”

  1. withnail - glad to hear that you are back to mostly normal, and that your recovery was smooth and speedy. Please update your Achilles Profile, as it shows FWB still. :)

  2. Great words of wisdom withnail, great advice for all. As a supporter of Manchester City FC your advice would be good to hear for Valeri Bojinov, who in the warm-up for todays game ruptured his achilles, an awful shame as he has just had 12 months out injured with knee ligament trouble, poor man.

    So glad you are coming along so well, but, be sure not to do much too quickly, caution is the word.


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