Limping along

Just a quick progress report … nothing too mind-blowing, but steady progress.

I am now walking with two shoes and one big limp. Strength is returning to my calf buy not yet able to ride a bike with clip on shoes or really support too much weight.

I am being really cautious about walking up stairs or similar high risk situations - these stories of re-ruptures are really freaking me out! At this point - 9 weeks after injury - I dont think I will ever return to the squash court.  I never ever want to go through this process again.

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  1. Hi withnail.
    My limp varies from day to day. If I go REALLY slow and concentrate I can walk normal. I was faster on crutches! I work on the second floor of a two story building….i’m still taking the elevator. I did stairs yesterday just cuz I was walking with a co-worker and didn’t think about it. Half way down I started sweating and thought I was going to vomit from nerves. I won’t do that again for a few weeks. Some days I’m freaked out, some days i’m not. The emotional roller coaster hasn’t let up yet. I thought it was supposed to leave with the last cast! LOL

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