Progress at last

Saw the surgeon yesterday for my 6 week check up. He was really pleased with the healing, tested my achilles out and pronounced me ready to move to the next level.

He wanted to get me straight into shoes but I didn’t feel ready to let go of the boot just yet. He told me to start walking full weight on the boot using only one crutch. Full clearance to go cycling and swimming. In two weeks, I go back to the orthopod guy and get a step made for my shoes. That’s when I can start driving again. All of today I’ve practiced walking around FWB with my foot at an angle. I even moved without the crutches without any pain or discomfort (although I looked like pretty weird.

After 6 weeks, it feels like I’ve made a huge gain all of a sudden. I think he a little gung-ho to be honest, but I am being very careful to build up strength in the tendon before trying anything too advanced. I think one thing that has helped is that all day I do little exercises with my foot to help with mobility and stretching the tendon. I think its paying off because my calf muscle has sprung back to life and I can just about get my foot flat on the ground at right angles to my leg.

One step at a time, I’ll beat this thing yet!

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  1. Sounds great! It looks as if you are progressing quickly like I did. I’m 9 weeks out and playing golf. I ditched my boot at 6 weeks also. It sounds like the important thing is to watch where you walk and dont walk up stairs talking on the phone. Keep it up.

  2. Was curious as to when you got “the boot”….Your 6 wk. check-up sounds very encouraging. Congrats on your excellent progress.
    Nevermind….i went back to one of your earlier posts and see you got the boot on day 12….. Continue the great work!!

  3. Congrats on shoes! I didn’t have a 6 week check-up. I have an 8 week on July 2nd. I’m progressing very well, but I don’t know if i’m ready for shoes! Its strange to feel so apprehensive about something isn’t it? I don’t think most of us on this site are apprehensive types! But we did trust that our bodies would do what we wanted them to do. Who knew it would be so hard to trust yourself again?

  4. That’s great! I wish you all the best and more! Try a round of beginner golf when you can, it can help soothe the mind and body.

  5. I am now 14 weeks post surgery, Progress is slow. I was in a cast for 6 weeks with my toes pointed downward and in a boot for 5. I then began weight bearing as tolerated in the boot with three wedges and removing one at a time.This was awful because you really can’t walk in the boot until you get the first two wedges out, then you weight bear with crutches because you can’t balance. I am doing fairly well except for the ankle pain and this awful limp. The tendons in my foot are very tight and difficult to stretch making this so uncomfortable. I have hope though because I have really come a long way. Any suggestions for stretching those foot tendons?

  6. Hi Mamie. I have had good luck with the basic ROM exercises to help loosen up the foot-doing the alphabet and rotating the ankle clockwise/counter clockwise. I think that the balancing on one leg helps get those little muscles engaged and stronger.

    Best of luck on your recovery

  7. Mamie - I agree with Jeff. Also - if you have an elastic band do some stretches with that as well - once you can do the basic ROM movements with no problem. Hook the band around your foot, pull to the left with your hand and move your foot to the right and vice versa - try to just move the foot and not the leg. It is easier to isolate the foot if you put it flat on the ground. Then tilt your foot back, loop on the band, hold tight and push your foot forward. Then loop the band around something so you can pull forward with your foot and get a stretch against resistance. And - if you haven’t already read through some blogs take tiny steps as you first start walking so that you can walk with no limp. Focus on that since you want to walk with no limp even if you’re taking tiny steps. As your achilles gets more flexible your step will lengthen naturally.

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