Comfort zones

I have been in a comfort zone for the past few years. Cruising in my job, but secretly bored senseless, taking my marriage for granted, and generally living without goals and purpose.

But this injury has changed all that. I’ve been evicted from the comfort zone. My waking dream has been interupted. I am forced to do things differntly and see things differently.

Anyone else has experienced a wake-up call through their ATR?

4 Responses to “Comfort zones”

  1. yes sir, it gave me a new look in life .

  2. It has been for me, I had it all so they say, I work as an Interior Designer and having a good life in Thailand, now I sit at home my business falling apart and wondering what to do next. Worst still I was supposed to be flying to Cape Town on 4th July to design a clients house in Simonstown. Theres always next year

  3. Sorry to hear about your misfortune Karen1… Hang in there and keep your mind busy: time will pass quickly and you will be back in the swing sooner than you think. Drop me a line if you ever make it to Cape town!

  4. It happens to the best of us but with tlc it can be made less of a burden.

    Good luck!

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