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6 week visit with ortho

April 25th, 2016 · 5 Comments

Today was my 6-week appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon to discuss my progress thus far. As a reminder, we opted for the conservative, non-surgical treatment for my ATR. As the doctor confirmed, he thinks the non-surgical treatment was the best for my situation because my ATR was higher up, closer to my calf muscle. According to him, attempting to surgically repair the rupture when it is higher up like that is much more difficult.

That said, he was happy with my progress thus far. Scar tissue has developed around the rupture and it appears to be healing nicely. While I was disappointed to hear that he didn’t want me to start any rehabbing with an athletic therapist yet, he did say that I could start partial weight bearing on my leg while it remains in the boot with my wedges in. I have tried it since coming home, and am able to walk around with the boot on while supporting myself with only one crutch. While it may not seem like much, it seems like significant freedom.

I just have to remind myself not to push it too much as it appears healing is going well. While I have been able to walk around with the one crutch, I don’t want to set myself back by pushing myself too hard right now. I will continue to use my knee scooter and crutches around the office, and then walk around only at my house.

He asked me to come back in two weeks time to evaluate where I’m at and, if things continue as they have thus far, he said we’d take out one of the wedges from my air cast. Here’s to hoping!

Talk to you all soon.

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