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8-week appointment and ditching the “high heel”

May 16, 2016 · 1 Comment

I’m a little behind when I intended to post again. I had my 8-week ortho appointment on Monday, May 9. It was a good appointment because it was first thing in the morning so I was able to walk right in without having to wait too long for the doctor. It was also a good appointment because my doc liked the progress in my healing.

To refresh, I’ve been in an aircast with three wedges in to keep my foot at plantar flexion. I’ve been on three wedges since getting my aircast 8 weeks ago. The doc inspected my rupture, which as you may recall was up higher near my calf muscle. He said the healing was coming along nicely. He used his hands to move my foot to dorsiflexion to a point where it was pretty much neutral. I had no pain, just a little stiffness. Given the progress, he took out 1 of my wedges and then said in 2 days (Wednesday), if there was no discomfort, I could take out another. He said lastly, if all was going well, on Sunday I could take out the last wedge. Keep it like that for the remaining week and book an appointment with him the week following for follow-up.

Upon taking out that first wedge and as I left the hospital, my foot, leg and ankle felt relief. Perhaps having my wedges in was more uncomfortable than I realized. As I had no pain, on Wednesday I took out the second wedge. While it wasn’t painful, it did feel strange to have my heel lowered that much further. For the remainder of the week my tendon felt great, however my ankle itself would get sore by the end of the day. I made sure to ice and elevate in the evenings. I have been bearing weight fully on my injured leg for the past two and a half weeks or so. I hardly use my scooter any longer and got rid of the wheelchair at my house. I’ve walked a ton since having the two wedges out, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was a kid’s birthday party that I attended with my family. I was up and down stairs a half-dozen times so I think I pushed it a bit hard, as Sunday afternoon and evening my ankle and achilles were sore. I made sure to take it easy all night.

I woke up this morning with my leg feeling good so I took out the last wedge. I’m neutral! Hooray. I’ve walked on it a bit to get to the office and so far, it fees fine. A bit uncomfortable and I think I’m more anxious about the idea of re-injuring it rather than actually feeling any pain in my leg.

Here’s to hoping the week goes by without incident and I can have another positive follow-up appointment with my doc next week.

I hope everyone else’s recovery is moving a long as well!

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  • Stuart // May 16th 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Looks to me like you are moving into 2 shoes very soon. A bit scarey but you will be fine. Keep up the walking along with the rest, elevate and ice for the swelling in the ankle.

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