W13 - Limpless

or at least 99% limpless. Back from a two week holiday on Mauritius which I thought (when I had my AT operation) was going to be nothing but sitting on a beach chair reading books and see others having fun. Also I was resigned to having to bring my boot and probably my crutches. As it turned out I could go without both boot and crutches!
Of course much of the cool stuff such as waterskiing was way out of my reach, but there was a lot of cool stuff I could do.
I went swimming, snorkeling, diving (popped an eardrum, less pleasant…) catamaran sailing and generally would walk a lot, mostly on flat surfaces. I was careful walking on sand the first days, but that went fine as well.
My PT told me before I left to exaggerate the walking motion with both feet: land on heel, roll over the side of the of the foot and push a bit with your big toe. Also to always keep the movements of the left and right legs symmetric, (step length, and rolling off). Over the last two weeks this really seems to have eliminated my limp at the end of my stride.
Also I can walk down stairs normally now, something that I have avoided for a long time.

I saw my surgeon again yesterday and he was very surprised and happy at my recovery and said I was more or less fully recovered according to him, and could go back to jogging now, and explosive sports by January-February. That sounds a bit aggressive to me, which is funny as he was very conservative to start with (he originally wanted me in a cast for 6 weeks + fixed boot for another 6 weeks, only PWB).
Anyway, I promised myself that I will NOT return to volleyball, badminton etc before next season, to make sure the tendon will be completely healed. I realize that I was in the high-risk group in the first place (before tearing) so I want to condition BOTH my tendons properly before going all out again. But I will start some slow jogging on a flat surface next week.
Unfortunately the swimming is off the menu again for a month or so, till my eardrum heals, but I’ll keep up the biking.

One more note on the swelling. Ever since I started to walk more ‘actively’ rolling off and pushing off with my big toe, I find I need to elevate more to control the swelling. Also I may get some ‘fatique’ in my heel and bottom of my foot after a longer walk.

Oh, and NO one-legged heel rises for at least a month or two…

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