W9 - 2 shoes

So I made the transition to 2 shoes, at least around the house. I found myself walking around on bare feet more and more, in spite of my plan to stick to the plan: hinged boot until WK10 and then to two shoes. I will still wear the hinged boot (30 plantar to 7.5 dorsal now) outside for a while, especially as there are no proper sidewalks here and when I need to bring my son to the daycare (I completely forget my AT when he does something stupid and I have to intervene). But indoors or in other flat areas I will be wearing my two shoes.
2shoes 1
2shoes 2

So now I have to learn to be careful again, especially on stairs, which does not come naturally. As to exercises I am doing now I thought maybe a few pictures will help to explain. With the thera band I do the following:

theraband 1

theraband 2

I knot the band at the back of my foot and anchor it between my toes, so it does not move while doing the exercises. I’ll do 2×30 repetitions which is just about right for now (no pain, but I feel I tire the calf muscle a bit).

Another exercise/massage is the tennis ball under your foot. If you haven’t tried it, you should! It really helps massaging the plantarflexor and gets the blood supply going in your foot. You slowly roll the ball under your foot and heel.

tennis ball massage

And of course my el cheapo stationary bike. The saddle does not go higher so I will have to do something about that, it starts to be annoying. I removed the toe-strap to make place for my boot.



  1. ryanb Said,

    October 27, 2011 @ 2:13 pm

    It looks like you are making GREAT progress. Did you find that 2-shoes was easier than barefoot?

    Don’t feel bad about the stairs, I still struggle with them a bit too. Though I’ve never had much trouble going up; I *just* started going down stairs normally (one foot in front of the other) this week.

    I’m going to give your tennis ball massage a try.

    It’s good to see you doing so well!

  2. wilco Said,

    October 27, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

    Hi, and thanks! Yes it feels good. Actually after walking barefoot for a couple of days it felt strange to get back into shoes again. But much nicer. And it feels less of a strain on the heel. Stairs are going OK, but I am just chickenshit, especially going down as you said.

    I have just been walking around the house for 15 min non-stop. Wonder when the neighbours are going to get worried :)
    Actually there is not much of a limp and I feel fairly secure on my feet. I think it is because of the hinged boot that my calf muscles are strong enough to keep my balance.
    But when I’m picking up my son later on (by bicycle) the boot goes on again, I can’t concentrate on both him and my AT.

    Thanks again for the encouragement!

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