Long day, and risky night

Yesterday we went out with to get some 2nd hand kids stuff at a sale in central Paris. I was on my feet the whole day, walking around, playing with my son and in the late afternoon we had a good walk in the park. I figure I must have easily done over 5km, but no swelling or pain at the end of the day, just tired calf muscles.
Then last night my son had a nightmare and when I heard him cry I jumped out of bed. Without the boot. I was at the door when I realized what I was doing and took it a bit more careful. No point to go back to put the boot on, but at least a little more care when walking. Everything went fine but jumping out of bed was not a great idea…
I won’t go to 2 shoes for real yet, will try to stick to my plan (2 shoes at 10 weeks) as good as I can.

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