W7 - PT

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks PO, and I am doing around 30min biking each day. Yesterday I went on the bicycle to the PT and back, and it was great. For those of you biking on a real bike with the boot on (like me), careful with the front wheel when turning. It’s like having size 15 shoes and the front wheel may hit the toes of the boot (especially if you are biking like me with the saddle a bit low).

The PT was alright, ultrasound + massage and then some upper body exercises to make me loose some fat I gained in the last 6 weeks. I just continue with the theraband exercises and from next week will start to hinge the boot from 30 deg plantar to 0, and keep it like that for two weeks. The whole set-up there seems to be from the seventies or eighties, with archaic training machines. The tendon & calf massage was good though, but I am not sure about the proper rehab. Will probably check out ahnadlass’ PT in la Defense when I get further.

This morning I brought my son to daycare on bicycle, which was a bit scarier as I had to get on/off the bike with him in the child seat, but managed fine. Will not make it a habit yet though, as the whole balancing thing to get on/off is a bit too risky, not least for him.


  1. ryanb Said,

    October 11, 2011 @ 8:57 pm

    Back when I was racing bikes, a guy on my team broke his ankle. They put him in a hard cast…. to which he bonded a mount, and affixed a cycling cleat. He customized the other shoe, to equal out the height, raised his saddle, and was back out there training with us in short order. Back then, I didn’t think to wonder about how to deal with the sweat & stink ;-)

  2. ahnadlass Said,

    October 12, 2011 @ 1:21 pm

    I am a few weeks behind you and I am looking forward to getting on a bike outside. The sports PT at La Defense does not have state of the art training equipment but it is adequate. The other nice thing is that because there are 4 PTs there, it is likely you will meet others with an ATR while doing exercises.

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