Boot and Scar

Hi, here are some pictures of my boot and scar at the moment. The boot is not the Vacoped, which I have not been able to find here, but a Maxtrax ROM air, similar to Normofthenorth’s boot.


So far I am happy with it, especially the ‘air’ bit since I can pump it up when I have a bit of swelling or when I want some extra support (going on escalators in Paris metro during rush hour is one of those moments). I still have the hinge locked at 0 degrees. I went from 30 degrees at two weeks, to 22.5 at 3 WKS, 15 at 4 Weeks and 0 at 5 WKS.


Very happy with how the incision is healing so far, no funny things happening and very little itching. The ankle is a bit swollen though at the end of the day, as you can see on the picture. My treatment for the wound was lots of babycream (around it not on the wound of course) to keep it soft and happy, rarely some Voltaren cream to make sure the inflammation stays away. During week 3 I would clean it lightly with medical alcohol every night and keep a bandage (later a large plaster) on it to make sure it does not get irritated by friction from the boot.

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