Are a peculiar bunch. Mine was a quirky French lady asking me all kinds of things including some relevant questions and was making fun of me for asking what everything was that they were injecting me with what it does etc. Anyway so since I was a giant according to her (when I was pro volleyball player I used to be one of the shortest players in my team at 1m91) she did not want me to lie down, but had me sit up while giving me the epidural then told me to quickly turn to lie on my left side. As I did so I asked why and she told me that gravity makes the fluid go to my left leg only. Eh, right but it’s my right leg that they are going to operate on! Quickly turned to the other side, already numb on the left. In comes the surgeon and the lady tells with a straight face “I told the guy to turn on his right but he turned on his left…” rolling her eyes. WHAT? Anyway I realized this was no time to start a fight with two numb legs and I would still need her help probably. But that was shameless.

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