Questions at 3.5 weeks

My doctor’s protocol is non-weight bearing
for six weeks post-op. I have followed this pretty well, but
recently started testing the foot a bit. There is absolutely no
pain or discomfort in putting weight on my repaired tendon in
the walker boot.

So why the long period of NWB?
Do shorter periods of NWB risk more scar tissue build-up?
Thicker repaired tendon?
Over-stretch the repaired tendon?

I will of course follow my doctors orders, but these questions are
a source of curiosity for me. Any thoughts?

3 Responses to “Questions at 3.5 weeks”

  1. From talking w/ my doctor it’s just your individual doctors protocal. What he’s done and has worked. Some doctors are the extreme and have individuals walking week 2 and others are one the other side of the fence farther out than you are. My doctor is in the middle and had me walking with my boot week 4 and 2 shoes week 8-9. I didn’t have any pain at all through this whole experience..I guess one of the lucky ones. PT is going great with no pain either. I think if he has you walking by week 5-6 you’ll be good to go then. I’m in week 10 now and trying to get used to this 2 shoe thing again.

  2. I readed quite a bit info on that NWB, and according to most papers - some NWB is good for healing.

    I am a 2nd timer - 2nd ruptured was 4cm below first rupture. 1st ruptured is healing very well. 4 weeks post-ops now, and is walking with moile boot as much as I can.

  3. Correction: PWB is good for healing 3-4wks after Post-Op. Read about that from most PT Rehab sites…

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