Surgery and Post-Op

I blew the tendon on Saturday night. Met the surgeon on Tuesday; he operated on Wednesday.

I had came out of surgery with a splint and a wrap to the knee. I had a follow-up the following Monday (5 days post-op) and went straight into a cam boot. The reason for going direct to the boot is that I have to return to my job overseas. The injury occurred in California. The thinking is that it would be easier to travel and go through the various heel lifts over time if I go straight to the boot.

BUT, the assistant and tech that I saw were not at all prepared for the appointment and I will be hopefully be receiving my post-op protocols via fax; would have been nice to discuss those today in person.

I will also have to transfer my medical surgical file to a new doctor and follow up with someone who did not preform the surgery. Any one have a similar situation? Any tips?

I live and work in Bermuda (my company does international business and it is located there). Any chance there are other Bermuda-based ATRs on this site?

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  1. Morning Whydidyoutripme,
    You know, I was feeling all sympathetic towards you and your complicated situation. But then I got to the bit where you wrote “I live and work in Bermuda” and my sympathy strangely evaporated! Sorry! I’m not a nasty person, but it is cold and rainy in England today and summer is definately over. Boo hoo.

  2. whydidyoutripme - Nice. Good to be in Bermuda. It’s starting to get cold here in the north east.. :(

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