Made it to the 3 month mark!!!!!!!

September 1, 2009 | |

I can’t believe that it has been 3 months already, but the summer seems like it’s fading fast.  I crutched around a bit last week and progressively added more weight in shoes while ‘walking’, and the tendon feels good, albeit still tight.  I ditched the crutches for the most part now, unless I know I’ll have to travel long distances, or if the ground is uneven.  I walk with a pronounced limp, though. 

I’ve now had a couple of PT sessions with an awesome sports physiotherapist, and I have to say WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!  My sister is actually a Physio and she recommended that I look for a Physiotherapist with an FCAMT designation.  She helped me do my research, and then advised me to go and see Peak Performance Physiotherapy, located in Hamilton Ontario (Canada).  Check them out at

My Physiotherapist started with an assessment of how I had healed, and how I was progressing, and took the time to understand my recovery goals etc.  He proceeded to really work on loosening up the entire ankle and surrounding area with a deep massage.  I had anticipated a lot of discomfort, based on what I’ve read, but it actually felt good for the foot, and the tendon to be really worked out!  He massaged the calf also, and also performed acupuncture.  This was different for me, as I had never had any acupuncture done before - again felt great.  Today’s seesion followed the same regimen, but concluded with some proprioception (balance) work on a balance board - trying to stay neutral was tougher than I thought, but I felt pretty good after the 5 minutes.

I’m seeing him 3 times a week for now, and plan to continue seeing him until I’m back to where I want to be for sports.

The only pain I feel is when I walk barefoot on a hard surface - feels like the worst heel pointer…I’m sure this will also go away in time. 

Anyway…for those coming along behind me in their recovery, stay patient and follow advice given.  Do your research and learn what to do and what not to do from the people who are further along.  I’m a big believer in learning from other peoples’ mistakes :)

Stay tuned…




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  1. 2ndtimer on September 1, 2009 10:18 am

    I am very interested in your progression, as I am closeby in Oakville, On.

    I had a very similar treatment to yours in the spring. 7 weeks in cast, 4 weeks in boot. My surgeon was satisfied when he released me after 11 weeks. I did physio 2-3 times a week afterwards. I got ultrasound, some laser, massage, the exercises, some electrical nerve stimulation etc.
    But I had some flare ups; supposedly because I walked too much - but I am not sure.
    Anyways I re-ruptured after 18 weeks.
    Hope you have better luck.

  2. waynu on September 1, 2009 11:06 am

    Too bad about your re-rupture! Did you have surgery the second time around?

    I’m taking it very slowly and deliberately to try and avoid problems…so far so good.

    I actually grew up in Oakville, but now live in Carlisle ON.

    Hope your recovery goes well this time without issues!


  3. 2ndtimer on September 1, 2009 5:43 pm

    Yes, I had surgery, 8 weeks ago.
    Hopefully it will turn out better this time.
    I started physio 2 weeks ago, and hope to be out of the boot in 10 days. For now things look good, I have way less swelling.

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