Another milestone reached!  Yesterday I visited my Orthopedic surgeon for an assessment of my progress, and I think he was pleasantly surprised to see me trucking along quite well in my boot.  based on my progress, he advised me to only wear the boot as a convenience, and to start back into “walking” with my shoes.  Now, he suggested that for the first little while to start off using my crutches to take most of the weight, and to begin re-training the proper heel-to-toe gait.  he advised that this is for protection, and that I should progressively add more weight at a conservative pace - 5% - 10% - 20% - 50% and so on.

For conservative treatment, the tried and true method suggests a very slow progression to normal (2-shoes) walking, but he advised that the recent research showed that earlier mobilization has produced extremely good results, provided that the patient not over-do it.

He also gave me my order to begin physiotherapy - so I’m absolutely thrilled.  To me this marks the real start to my recovery, because now I can actively do something to get back to normal activity.  The order was for ‘gentle’ strength therapy, and range of motion work, so I expect that I’ll be into Therabands, ROM exercises, massage etc. - all sounds good.

The tendon is very tight, which the ortho said was good (over stretched tendons tend not to able to produce power when lifting up onto the toes and pushing off).  He advised that today’s appointment with him was my last, unless I had questions or concerns; in which case I could book a short appointment with him in 6 weeks time.

So, off to the races (so to speak)…..gonna be a tortoise not a hare in order to win this race :)

To those still very early on that happen to read this, keep the faith….things will get better.  Keep smiling.




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  1. bubble on August 20, 2009 1:38 pm

    Thanks Wayne - your post made me smile. Glad that you can now ‘actively do something’ to get back on the road. Good Luck with the PT, hope it is not too painful.

  2. rainbow395 on August 23, 2009 4:24 am

    Really good to hear a positive post from conservative treatment. I am on that path too and get a bit insecure with the majority opting for operations. Have been in a cast for 4 weeks then a boot for 4 weeks the last 2 weeks in the boot are pretty much full weight bearing. Dooing flexing exercises several times a day and the movement is rapidly getting much better and the tendon seems quite strong - wouldn’t want to jump around on it mind you! Good luck!

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