June 9th, 2009

After a very long weekend of doing the R.I.C.E. therapy, and getting used to getting around on crutches, I finally get to go and see the Orthpaedic surgeon this evening.  I’ve also discovered this great site, and have been buried in the vast amount of information provided - THANK YOU!!!

My leg is really swollen from the back of my calf and down into my foot - I cant even see my ankles!  I now realize that this is not an injury that one can recover from rapidly, but I’m still optimistic.  I’m going to buy a shower chair with a back, and some sort of water-proof thing that can be placed over my cast.  I know that a cast will be inevitable.

My surgeon was extremely well informed, and after examination he recommended that I proceed with a non-surgical approach.  The tendon ends came back into contact well with each other by flexing my foot downward, and he believed that  immediate casting in this position would provide for good adhesion and healing, without risking complications arising from surgery.

Based upon my reading, I asked him about liklihood of re-repture rates associated with the non-surgical approach; but he explained that in my case, the liklihood of re-rupturing the tendon would be about the same, and certainly not worth the risks of infection etc.

So now I have to wear this cast (no weight-bearing) for 4 weeks.  Going back on July 7th




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