Injury Day

June 29, 2009 | |

June 5th, 2009

I’m sure that many people have thought the same thing…this could never happen to me.  Especially if you are in good physical condition - I was wrong…

In fact, I have always participated in multiple sports (some like Karate at a very competitive level), and have never really had an injury that relegated me to the “sidelines”.

I was playing football with my 10 year old son’s team - they had challenged the parents to a pick up game to show off their skills.  I had just thrown a touchdown pass to another dad, and turned to give my teammate a high five in celebration when I heard the loud “SNAP” and felt a sharp pain (like someone had taken a full swing at the back of my leg with a 5-iron).  I immediately knew that I had ruptured my achilles tendon on my left leg.  The swelling was immediate and pronounced.

Fortunately, the intense pain only lasted for a couple of minutes, but that was replaced by feelings of panic and helplessness at the same time.

My son came to my aid immediately, and ran to the car and called my wife using my cell phone (it’s at times like this when you feel pride in your children and their abilities to deal with stressful situations).

I attended a walk-in clinic, and was seen by the on-call physician within the hour.  His examination confirmed a full AT rupture, and he outfitted me with some crutches, referred me to an Orthpaedic surgeon (the appointment was booked for the following Tuesday - today is Friday), and gave me instructions to remain off the foot, and R.I.C.E as much as possible. 

Not sure what to expect…will I be able to return to normal activity, and play sports with the same intensity as I used to?  Will I be able to walk again normally?



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