So, the first week is down the drain.

Woo. Update, much? lol. Anyways i had surgery to connect my Achilles’s tendon back on Saturday February 7, 2009. The surgeon said that my tendon was really far up in my leg and that it is extremly tight, and so is the other that i have not ruptured…yet. He also told me that if i do not stretch it on a daily basis after college (when i’m more then likely done with sports) i will have terrible troubles walking. So that was nice to hear, not. But today i can say i have not swallowed a single pill. And I have gotton the okay to go back to school on Monday, i wish i hadn’t.¬† So the first week is down the drain.

16 has been the worst year of my life.

Hello.¬† I’m not really sure what to write, but i’ll try. So I’m 16 and i ruptured my achilles tendon on February 3, 2009 while doing a walk through at a basketball practice.

Play by play:

  • took a step away from ball (walking/ slow jog)
  • hear the pop… “wonder what that was?”
  • thought the ball hit me in the back off the leg.. “crap, i just messed up the play.”
  • turning around to notice no ball, and also that i was on the ground.
  • looked at the team on the sideline to then look at my ankle and notice i can’t move it.
  • the pain comes.
  • carried to the trainers (crying like a baby of course).
  • taking to the hospital where i watched american idol. lol.
  • being down right thirsty (since my accident occured right before drink break) and was told i wans’t allowed to drink becuase i might have surgery that night.
  • not having surgery that night.
  • going home in an uncomfortable¬† splint with the plaster glass(?) digging into my skin.

Two days before our final game, oh joy. hah. yah so apparently i’m really young to have this problem and they think because i had club foot surgery when i was a baby that it affected it. But now i’m totally out of commision for track season this year, which is a total bummer becuase i only missed going to states by a couple of seconds last year… and it blows my whole summer training for cross country which i missed going to states by two minutes even after i missed summer training again becuase i had surgery on my two little toes (they where growing on there sides). So maybe there’s still hope for that. So yah only the surgery’s that i ever had have been on my feet, and two of the last three have been this year. Yes, 16 has been the worst year of my life :D