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“Yes officer, I lost my shoe.”

Posted in Uncategorized on June 12, 2008 by walshie

 I am driving home from work yesterday, lefty of course, with my boot on. I’m cruising along at 65 in the right hand lane, minding my own business. moving with traffic. I come upon a truck going pretty slow, so I signal and pass him on the left. 10 seconds later I spot a trooper sitting in a rest area, facing traffic. I panic instantly. I think “I’m screwed..I have a boot on…I’m in the left lane…arrrggghhhhh!”

So I scramble and start to lean forward and fumble around w my 3 velcro straps..furiously trying to get the boot off. I think that if I can start to get the boot off before he turns and comes after me I might have time to get it all the way off and pretend I was driving w/o it the whole time. I just dont have an answer for the one shoe.

Eventhough the AC was cranked and the truck was chilly I was still sweating profusely, what made matters worse was I couldnt see if the cop was coming b/c the damn truck I just passed was blocking my view. More panic. I finally get 2 out of the 3 straps undone and literally kick the boot off with my left foot. The boot gets wedged between my groin and the steering wheel as I try to pull it up from below. Thank goodness it was a straightaway for awhile or I was done. I finally have full control of the car, and the boot, and glance in the rear-view mirror fearing the worst.

He wasnt there. He never followed me. What a relief.

I know I shouldnt be driving. I just have no other way to work other than a cab and who can afford that 6 days a week, 40 miles roundtrip a day?

Its funny, I could look at this 2 ways: One, its just another crappy thing I have had to deal with since I’ve had this horrible injury or two, hey I finally caught a break..the cop didnt move. Lucky me…I’m going with #2.

Screw the boot…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 8, 2008 by walshie

Well it was almost 90 on the Cape today and there was no way I wasnt goin in the water.  I am supposed to be in the boot til the last week in June (Surgery 4/28 splint for 2 weeks, cast for 2, boot since 5/28) but this past week I’ve been taking if off a lot around the house and a little at work.  Bo was there in case I slipped on a rock…ha ha…The water temp was in the mid-50’s, still pretty cold, and it felt really good to give it a little workout.  Here’s to a speedy recovery for all my ATR buds!

…soaked my AT in a bucket of ice tonight…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 2, 2008 by walshie

…and ohhhhhhhh it felt sooooo good.  Have any of you tried this before?

I have been in the boot for 6 days now.  Yesterday I went to the beach and tried to “walk/shuffle” around on the hard sand without the boot…didnt feel so good.  I experienced some swelling today, along with some tightness of the tendon.

I was concerned about the swelling and was going to try and knock it back down before I went to bed tonight.  I resorted to an old move the trainers in college would do for bum ankles:  soak it in a bucket of ice water for 15 minutes.   Ahhhhh, after the initial sting it didnt really feel that cold.  I filled up a large steel pasta bucket high enough to cover my whole incision.  After 15 min was up I took it out, dried it off and checked it out.  Swelling was gone, foot felt great…gonna do it again tomorrow.

Anyone else try this?  Is this healthy for the tendon?  I have a vmail out to doc Theodore at MGH, Im interested to see what he says.

Back to work…soooo tired

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30, 2008 by walshie

Hello everybody.  I hope all of your recoveries are going well.

I went back to work Wednesday, the day after I was fitted for the walking boot/air cast.  The plan was to go in for a few hours, get a few things done and then head back home.  Well I ended up getting to the course at 7 (I’m a golf professional) and didn’t take off until after 2.  Needless to say I was exhausted.  My bad leg was sore and there was some “weeping” of the incision down towards the ankle.

Yesterday and today were a little bit better as I sat down more often and only taught a few lessons…from a bench behind the student.  I cant wait to get home and put some ice on my weary AT.

Have any of you experienced discharge from your incision after you started PWB/FWB?  A friend who is a nurse said it looked ok but if the discharge turns green it means its infected…yikes!  I hope that doesnt happen..then Im screwed.  Does neosporin(sp?) or bactine help the incision heal?

Take care,


PS:  Driving lefty isnt as hard as I thought.  If you have a right ATR and an automatic transmission it is possible to still get around, Im just going a little slower and with a lot of caution.

2nd post-op visit, got the boot. Did you say FWB??

Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2008 by walshie

I went to Mass. General today for my 2nd post-op visit.  I’m 30 days since surgery and was quite anxious to get the walking boot today.  Well Dr. Theodore, the Red Sox foot and ankle specialist who put Curt Schilling’s ankle back together this off-season, fits me for the boot and tells me to stand up, sans crutches and take a few steps.  Ahhhhh, excuse me doc?  Did you say walk?  I was not ready to ditch my trusty crutches just yet, as much as I hate ‘em.  I grabbed the crutches, just for peace of mind, and took a few steps.  The foot felt cranky and tight in the tendon and I was very very tentative.  I was able to walk the length of the 40 foot corridor after a few minutes with the aid of just one crutch.  He told me I have to take my foot out of the boot 3 x’s a day and flex and contract my foot up and down 20 reps each time.  I dont start PT for another 4 weeks.  He said I was ahead of schedule but it was still too early for therapy.  I have read most of the other ATR blogs on here and they have been very insightful and informative.  I actually was able to ask the doc some questions that these blogs brought to my attention.  Like:  Will a theraputic massage help the healing?  (Answer:  ”…not really, no…but go for it if you want.”)  Should I use ultrasound or electronic stim on the tendon?  (Answer: “…if you want to, I cannot see how it could hurt.”)  Can I rupture it again?  (Answer:  ”The tendon is repaired, it is sound.  You have to just take it slow and let the surrounding area strengthen…the boot will protect it at this stage”).I am to see him in 4 weeks for my 3rd post-op visit and then I think I’m going to be a member of the 2 shoes club again…I hope. For all my ATR friends:  Hang in there and good luck in the recovery process…like my old man told me:  ”This too will pass.”           -Walshie 

3 Weeks Post-Op

Posted in Uncategorized on May 21, 2008 by walshie

Hi everybody.  I ruptured my Achilles April 17th playing softball.  I had surgery April 28th at Mass General Hospital in Boston.  I was placed in a plaster splint for 2 weeks then fitted for another bigger cast for another 2 weeks.I am to be fitted for a walking boot on the 27th of this month.  I assume it will be only PWB but I’m not sure.  Any of you know how long after getting fitted for a boot that I can ditch the crutches?  When will I be FWB?I am excited to be able to possibly walk my dog or practice some putting and chipping at the course.  This site is great.  I wish I found it earlier!  Take care, Walshie