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Learning to Snowboard??

Is this a good idea?  …I am going to a wedding in Colorado, I mean I am getting dragged to a wedding in Colorado, and one of those days out there I am thinking of trying snowboarding w the SO (who is already proficient at it)…isnt the AT locked in a 90-degree angle in the ski boot?  In that regard the AT might be protected..I dont know.  All you Boarders help me out, I’m clueless.

7 Responses to “Learning to Snowboard??”

  1. golfer2 Says:

    Hey Walshie, I don’t have an answer to your snow boarding question but…I’m a golfer…(7 weeks post op). Saw your post about the “slice’ (fade). It occurred to me that i could try to swing a club if if i used a big open stance. Think that could work at this stage? (I’m in a boot for 4 weeks and kind of desperate). What do you think? How long before you swung at a ball?


  2. Smish Says:

    Walshie: I am from Colorado and I have talked to several people who ATR’d while skiing. I can not figure out how that would happen because you are locked into to the boots but I have heard of it. Another friend I have who ATR’d (football/soccer) went skiing at 8 months post-op and his Achilles was fine but because of his ATR other body parts were not as strong and he ripped “something” in his groin area.

    Sorry if that is bad news but I wanted to tell you what I know. My husband and I use to work at a ski shop. (That is how we met) On a positive note, there are places here in Colorado that are like a mini ski slope only for sledding. They have a pully system that gets you back up the hill. I have always wanted to try that. I learned to snow board when I was younger. I spent the first 3 days on my keester. I always did better on two skis. Anyway, I hope you have fun while you are here. Weather is beautiful right now. One day it will be 15 degrees and the next (like today) it will be 60 and you could ski in your shorts.

  3. phu1971 Says:

    Walshie, I’ve been boarding for about 12 years and I think if you’re going to be boarding with your injured leg forward, you be fine. If you board with your injured leg back, the risk is higher. First, because you will need to push off the back leg to skate yourself around. Second, a lot of torque is applied to the back leg when you turn. Especially on hard face side turns or hard emergency stops. If your injured leg is forward, go for it. If it’s back, check with your doctor or PT and be extra careful. I board with my left leg back and I ruptured my left AT so I’m going to take this season off. Might start surfing again in a few more months. FYI, first couple times out, the biggest risk is going to be to your wrists and the most sore thing afterward will be your butt. BTW, I played Spyglass Hills on Friday at 7 weeks post op and in a boot. Still had to hit off one leg. Being so rusty, I shot a 56 on the front but got a little more on track on the back and shot 44. Weather was absolutely gorgeous. 70 degrees, super clear, and only a slight breeze at times. Epic!

  4. walshie Says:

    Thanks for the advice guys!

    Bill I did hit some pitches and half wedges while in the boot but mainly I chipped and putted. I played my first 9 holes about 3 weeks out of the boot (I think)…I know you are getting itchy butt if youre patient you will be back out there sooner than you think.

    Smish thanks for the info…I’ll prob try it with my good foot back…hope I dont kill myself.

    Phu you are crazy! Playing 18 in the boot?! Wow…thats impressive. Spyglass is beautiful isnt it? I love that part of the country. I played Cypress and Pebble out there 2 years ago…fantastic!!

  5. phu1971 Says:

    Walshie, 18 holes in a boot was a cinch. 4 weeks ago, I played 18 holes in a cast using one crutch to get around. That was really tough. We also had a golfer with a missing right arm in our group. Jerry Rice was in the group in front of ours and he got a kick out of our group. I still haven’t played pebble yet. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to get on to Cypress. For now, I’m working hard on my PT. Got a Vegas golf trip scheduled for January and a Bandon Dunes trip scheduled for late Feb. Vegas is iffy but I think I’ll be good to go for Bandon. If you like the Pebble Beach area, you’ll think Bandon is golf heaven (if you haven’t been there already). Another warning, I caught my back edge, slammed my head on the ice and got a concussion my first time snowboarding…still got hooked anyway. You’ll have a great time.

  6. stevew Says:


    I found a youtube clip from a guy who snowskied at 14 weeks post-op. Check out the link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsk4qk1EeZc&feature=channel_page

    Not bad.

  7. Craig Says:

    I tore my AT skiing in VT. I also found it hard to belive I could do that in a ski boot. Had surgery the day before Xmas. The Doc says he’ll have me back on skis this season. Hope he’s right. No pain at all at 6 weeks. Just got rid of the cast for the boot.

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