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73 at 7 months

From Wednesday’s Cape Cod Times:

There was a tie for fourth after both Louie Rivers of Foxborough Country Club (and formerly an assistant at Hyannisport) and Cape Cod National’s Matt Walsh each posted a 73.  Walsh logged his best round since rupturing his Achilles tendon in the spring. He started playing golf again in late summer.  “This is the first round I’ve had below 80 since I hurt the Achilles,” he said. “I guess I can take my clubs off e-bay now that I proved I can play a little bit.”


I know I’m not bragging b/c all of you in this community know what we’ve been through w this horrible injury.  Im posting this for everyone who is in a cast or NWB who think they will never be the same again (at least thats how I felt).

I still have tightness and the AT area is still not at 100% but it feels pretty strong and stable.  Theres hope guys…keep working out, push that AT everyday, it gets better..a little bit everyday.


10 Responses to “73 at 7 months”

  1. annieh Says:

    Well done,

    Keep up the good work.


  2. edforman Says:

    Alright Walshie! I shot a 73 once (on the front 9)…

    I am a couple of months behind you but I find that if I spend 15 minutes stretching out the AT and calf in the morning, it makes a HUGE difference in the tightness. I am actually contemplating buying myself a calf board…


  3. Doc Ross Says:


    Congrats. Glad to see your back on the course and playing well. I, too, am at 7 months and getting ready to return to enter a racquetball tournament in December. Still waiting for the invite to your course. Based on the 73 I’ll be getting a few strokes. Hope the 19th hole was as much fun as the first 18.

    Keep up the exercising.

    Doc Ross

  4. MarilynRD Says:

    Thanks for posting! Very motivating to watch the progress that all are making.

  5. JasonK Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I am also an avid, single-digit handicap golfer who has been frustrated that my right ATR would hurt my game to the point where I would want to quit. Now granted I am only 6 weeks post op, but your update has given me some encouragement that life will go back to normal and I will enjoy golf again.

  6. kev34 Says:

    Way to go WAlshie–73, you are the man….glad to see you back in action..

  7. stevew Says:

    Way to go, Walshie. I’m in the right foot ATR club, too, and when I swing a club that leg really feels funny. Glad to hear it’s not holding you back any longer. Keep it up.

  8. tennisjunkie Says:

    Pretty impressive that you scored a 73 in a tournament.

    Does your achilles still “ache”? Mine does not really hurt, sometimes it just feels sort of weird…like it is over used, over stretched, and I can feel it with the slightest movement. Other times I forget it was hurt. Still, I am doing more and more on it….walking 18, starting to run on the treadmill, etc.

  9. walshie Says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

    Doc Ross you have an open invite to Cape Cod..so does all my other ABlog buddies. Tha ATR Open should be in Feb or March, Im leaning towards Vegas. Possibly an afternoon shotgun then a cocktail party or something like that…networking out there has been ongoing.

    TJ the AT feels tight the day after golf or extended cardio days in the gym, but the more I push it the better it responds later. I had to just say ’screw it’ and up the weight/intensity/duration of my workouts. It pops and crackles sometimes, esp if its planted and I turn to the left, it almost always barks at me then. Doc would know what that is, I dont, maybe scar tissue or whatever. No pain, just noise…kinda cool actually.

    Keep getting better guys!

  10. Tom Says:

    Walshie - Awesome! Sounds like your golf game has barely skipped a beat.

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