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6 Months

Hi everybody!

I havent posted since the 4 month mark so heres an update on my beloved AT.  I was told by the good doc at Mass Gen that my tendon would be completely healed at the 6 month mark, so I guess I made it finally.

It feels good.  The swelling is gone, there is no pain, even after walking 18 holes.  I have been doing my therapy on my own for awhile now and am gaining my strength back albeit slowly.  

I can get my heel off the ground when I try a single-legged calf raise but not very far and for not very long.  I can jog but not run or play hoops or softball yet, its just not there strength-wise.  I’m not there yet mentally either.  

Welcome to all the newbies and congrats to all the vets on their continued progress…I follow the posts and the comments as much as I can.

…oh and I proposed to my girlfriend at Fenway a few weeks ago…and she said yes!!! …and the Sox won too, which was just as important IMO…hahaha

9 Responses to “6 Months”

  1. Jon Says:

    Congratulations Walshie on the 6 month mark and successfully finding someone to give half your stuff to.

    Only joking. I hope your recovery and wedding plans progress smoothly.


  2. tennisjunkie Says:

    Well, first things first — Congratulations on the engagement! That is great news, and I hope you will have a happy life together. Marriage has been the best thing I have ever done. Can’t imagine life without the big guy. Best wishes, enjoy all the lead up stuff too.

    So, I am just a little jealous of your progress. I think I would struggle to walk 18 holes. I plan to try to walk 9 this weekend. I have had to take a cart — feels kind of like cheating since I always walked. I still have some pain and slight swelling around the achilles- particularly the more active I get, and when I wear normal shoes. However, I am older than you are - maybe old achilles take longer to mend?! :)

    I can do a single legged calf raise — it feels like about 3 feet, but it is really only centimeters. But I know I can do it. I did not start PT until early September. I now understand the kind of stuff needed to get my calf back. Is yours normal or close to it yet? I am only going to do PT through the end of October - I can do most of this stuff on my own.

    As for jogging - doctor said wait til mid November. But I am biking, walking, and doing the elliptical, so I don’t feel like a slug. I had already made a vow to not play tennis again until March or April. The strength of my game is my quickness on the court — yes, even for an old lady of 52. So, I am definately waiting to return. Hey, what is a year anyways?

    Is the golf busy season done now for you? Of course, it still feels like summer here (81 today - awesome!) Now that I can finally golf after work, it is too dark! Do you work as a golf pro in the winter, or do you get time off? And - did you stay off the chewing tobacco?

    So, please post again in a few months - would like to keep hearing of your progress since we had our repairs around the same time. I am glad to hear of your great AT progress and your nice news. All the best.

  3. tiancai17 Says:

    Congrats to everything!

  4. dennis Says:

    walshie - Great to read that your recovery is going well. Congrats! and Congrats! :)

  5. Tom Says:

    Walshie - Congrats on the 6 month mark AND the engagement. Sounds like you’re doing really well. A bit better than the Sox right now.

  6. matts Says:

    Walshie-Long time, no see my friend! I have been working non-stop so I have not been on the site much lately. Congrats on the engagement!! I a still with PT girl as you call her and everything is great there. I am at 22 weeks and my achilles is feeling pretty good, but now I realize that it will take every bit of a year for it to feel normal. Sorry about the Sox, i just watched Tampa Bay blast them tonight. I think that they still can pull it out though..Take Care

  7. walshie Says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    TJ, I am at the club 7 months out of the year, April-October. I teach pitching lessons as well as golf in an indoor facility one of my former coaches owns when the club closes. I go South after the holidays for 2 months to Florida to teach some more and also play. The cape doesnt get much snow bc it is surrounded by the “warmer” water in the ocean..a lpt of gray raw days w lots of wind though..its still too cold to stick around too long I was unable to stay off the dip, unfortunately (Daveleft hang in there!!) I am just doing it when I play now so I guess that is an improvement from before. My fiance hates it so I’ll prob try to quit again this winter.

    matty I was betting you were audi5 weeks ago! She’s hangin in there, huh? Youre next to go down my friend!

    Dennis we need a pic of Misty in that t-shirt you sent her up on the home page..preferably on the beach, or better yet in the water!

  8. Craig Says:

    Walshie, congratulations on the multiple successes. Sounds like 2008 will truly be a year to remember!

  9. matts Says:

    Walshie-Congrats my brotha on the engagement!! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile form the site, but that is a goos thing right? I am still game for the ATR open..Sorry about your beloved Red Sox, my Cubbies bit the dust again, but I am getting used to it

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