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16 weeks…

Well friends heres my 4 month update.  Its been a month since my last one and things have been improving, albeit slowly.

I can manage stairs, both up and down.  I no longer limp, but I do when I jog/run.  I can walk on my toes, but only in the morning and only about 10-15 strides before fatigue brings that heel right to the ground.

I entered then withdrew from our Section Championship Aug 25-27th, it is being held at The Country Club too, the site of numerous US Opens and Amateurs.  I’m really just not ready to compete at the level I know I can compete at, and thats been a really tough pill to swallow.  It was the goal that I set for myself as they rolled me into the OR and it was the one thing that pushed me through all the monotonous and tedious PT.  I’m just not strong enough yet, and my swing shows it.

On a brighter note heres a pic from our recently completed junior golf school.  Theres more rugrats running around somewhere but we couldnt gather them all up at once.


7 Responses to “16 weeks…”

  1. tennisjunkie Says:

    Walshie, which one is you? Impressed to see you working with kids - golf is challenging enough, but teaching kids the most frustrating sport on the planet? Wow.

    You have really recovered quickly - I still have a limp at times, cannot walk on toes (have not tried) and am not running. I can imagine that with your kind of golf game, the power is key and all the mechanics of getting your whole body into the swing is just not quite there. Although your progress is amazing, it is still a 6 month recovery. That does not help us much in August, does it?

  2. annieh Says:

    Ha ha, that made me laugh,

    Just thought I’d look at pictures to see which one you were !!!


  3. matts Says:

    Walshie-That sucks that you couldnt golf on Aug 25th-27th. This injury is a bummer and takes forever to heal. Next summer will be much different for both of us. Take your time, I think that you are smart for not getting back into it to fast. No need to mess up the healing at 4 months, since the tendon is only 80% healed still. I recommend PT to make you happy, I know of a good place in Ohio..haha

    P.S.-Those all your kids? Its not John and Kate plus 8. It’s Walshie plus 16..Just joking

  4. Doc Ross Says:


    Group of kids looks great. Course looks in great shape.
    ATR Open??
    keep up the great work just alittle bit more time and you’ll be enjoying fall golf

    Doc Ross

  5. walshie Says:

    Doc have you or anyone else been to Barona Valley Ranch Resort?

    That place looks perfect. I can satisfy the majority of my vices. Is golf a vice?

  6. bc90 Says:

    Walshie - I enjoyed reading your blog. I am just over 4 weeks post op and, while not the competitive golfer you are, had as my “goal” golfing with college buddies on October 24, exactly 11 weeks post op. Pre-surgery he said he thought that would be doable, and when I saw him in my second post-op last week, he said that would be “no problem.” When I pressed him on this (I’ve been discouraged by what I have heard/read about from every other source) he said it would not be an issue, other than I may want to use a cart. Does this sound right to you?

    Also, are you the same walshie that was BC ‘95? I saw a poster on another achilles blog with that handle. The golf I am looking forward to is at Pinehurst the day before the BC-UNC game.

    And I would be in for an ATR golf trip!

  7. walshie Says:


    Glad you like my blog, I found it quite theraputic early on. There’s a ton of information on here (thanks to Dennis).

    11 weeks…hmmm, I was only about 2 weeks into PT at that time..not much strength at all, and I minded every step I took. I say play. I didnt wear golf shoes, per my doc, until recently. He wanted my foot to slip and not to have any torque put on it. My lower leg felt weak and almost wooden. I havent walked 18 yet, just 9 in a par-3 glowball tournament..which wasnt very smart..actually stupid. Watch your uneven lies and bunker faces.

    I have only blogged here, but I am class of ‘95, played baseball for 3 years then left…dont have any other blogs/handles on the web…oh but I do own a fantasy football team, Brady was my QB. Yeah, I know, bye-bye season both b/c my boys now have to rely on freakin Matt Cassel and my fantasy squad is destroyed.

    …and our Eagles just lost to G Tech…ugh

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