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…11 weeks…

So I haven’t blogged in a while so I needed to give my peeps a quick update.

I have been doing PT for over 2 weeks now, going 3 x’s a week.  It makes all the difference in the world, esp the deep tissue massage…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  It really helps the swelling, which seems ever-present.  

We had our big 3-day Member-Guest over the weekend, I was at work for 39 hours for those 3 days…ugh.  I scored all the matches w calligraphy, over 120 matches in all.  The board went from just over my head (I’m 6-2) to just about my thighs.  Needless to say I did a lot of squats and one-knee manuevers all weekend long.  My foot blew up!  It was sooo swollen and I didnt have much time to ice it down…miserable!  I was finally able to get the swelling under control later in the day but I literally thought my ankle was going to bust at the seam/scar.

All in all I’m hanging in there.  I walk w just a slight limp and have started cranking up the treadmill a little bit, so my wind is getting a little better.  I am slightly worried that the swelling never seems to go away, esp after work.  I have some scar tissue that is quite tender at times as well.  The progress/improvement has slowed to a crawl…the vets on the site warned me of this but dammit I didnt want to believe them!

…for all my ATR golf buds heres a little trivia:  What famous clubhouse is this?

 …and yes, I played there.

11 Responses to “…11 weeks…”

  1. boffo Says:

    Thanks for the update walshie!! I go for my nine week Dr. follow up tomorrow to see if PT is in my future and if I get the go on golfing.( fingers crossed) I cant wait to get out with the guys again after 12 weeks. I would give my left achilles to play Augusta once. Well maybe not but I am truely envious. Can we have the ATR open there? We try to go every year for Wednesday practice rounds. There is nothing on earth like Augusta National.

  2. zurichfan Says:

    Thanks for the update. Wow, you have been busy. So glad to hear you are on the treadmill — there is is hope for those of us missing cardio workouts! Keep up the good work.

  3. Doc Ross Says:


    How do you get on??? I am so envious. If you’re a member you definitely have been holding out on us.
    Don’t worry about the swelling it will go down, but when you’re working on your feet all day, bending, squating, etc it puts tons of stress on a healing tendon. Glad to hear that PT is 3x per week, keep it going and you’ll get there.
    How is the swing coming along??

    Doc Ross

  4. walshie Says:

    ATR Open there boffo?? Hahahaha, how sweet would that be?!

    Zurich I was on pace for a 20 minute mile w a 3 % grade and I was dripping sweat…pretty depressing.

    Doc it was the best weekend of my golfing life. We have a mutual member and he invited me down for the weekend to play w him and his 2 sons who were roughly my age. I arrived Fri afternoon, hit balls, had dinner (no menu, order whatever you want), stayed on the grounds til sunday…it was awesome. I went in the champions lockerroom, crows nest, clubhouse proper, took a sauna, steam…soo cool. We stayed in the rooms above the photo, right above the putting green, the cabins were all full…played the par 3 course (eight threes and a two!) and the big course (3 times)…its only rival is Cypress Point, and that place is a distant second, IMO.

    The swing? Ahhhhh ok, feels rusty and loose but no pain. Trying 18 friday in our weekly twi-game, we’ll see. Any more 72’s??

  5. matts Says:

    I must not be working my AT enough because I am not getting hardly any swelling, just that irritated bump from walking again. I need to switch jobs, your looks so much more fun then mine..Well only 15 1/2 more years to retirement. PT is great isn’t it. I thought I only had 6 more to go but I read the script wrong and I am going 3x’s a week until I go back to work August 5th. Whats up with the ATR open? Next summer you thinking?

  6. walshie Says:

    matts, u still talking to that PT lady?

  7. matts Says:

    Yes, I love PT

  8. Jen Says:

    Hi Walshie - I’m 11 weeks now too, haven’t blogged for awhile, so it’s good to see you are doing well. I am still getting a lot of swelling too - I finished 3 days in a row of work up on my foot all day, and it was more swollen that it has been for along time. I am finding that on days I ride my bike, I seem to swell less. We are slowly getting there . . .
    Have a great weekend,

  9. tennisjunkie Says:

    Hi Walshie - are you playing golf yet? I am only putting and chipping, but I am thinking about trying some irons on the range.

  10. walshie Says:

    Hi TJ, how are you? I have played 3 rounds, one very good and two not very good.

    I started hitting more balls, over an hour each day the past 4 days…well I got the big red light from my PT tonight…said my tendon was inflamed and swollen and rigid. He said my tendon felt like my bicep would if I did 50 curls in a row. It took him over 20 minutes of deep tissue massaging to get the area calmed down.

    Its a real bummer because I love just putting in a ton of reps on the range, its something I thoroughly enjoy. I believe repetition breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds confidence, confidence is essential to good golf.

    Oh well, back to the short game area for a few more days…sucks.

  11. tennisjunkie Says:

    Thanks for update! Hmmm - I guess you do have to dial it down a little. But still, it is good to know that you are out and hitting them again. Interesting about the reps — I guess that is how you get to be a golf pro! I will keep that in mind as my tendon gets better.

    I went to range last nite and hit about 25 balls with my 8 iron. For some reason I figured that was less stress than the longer clubs. It did not hurt at all. I also did some longer chips — over the sand trap, as I had been just chipping from the side of the green. However, the tendon was a little bit stiff this am.

    So I guess the lesson of the day is - go easy. And the short game can never be too good!

    Good to hear from you.

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