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9 weeks post-op pics…guarded optimism…

Hi guys, just some pics my fiancee took this morning.  

Click the pics once for close-up, twice for full-screen.

AT feels good, really good.  Went to see Pearl Jam last night (20 plus shows now…best band of my generation, IMO)…was fantastic! Was moving pretty good for a white boy w one good wheel I must say.  The black strap is the brace (footsmart.com) I have to wear for 2 more weeks.  It gives me a sense of increased stability…it is not very comfortable at times tho.

For my Ablog friends just out of surgery or in the middle of NWB purgatory just remember you will get your normal life back sooner than you think…hang in there!     



8 Responses to “9 weeks post-op pics…guarded optimism…”

  1. craig Says:

    Looks good Walshie! (Big Pearl Jam fan too)

  2. zurichfan Says:

    Your leg looks TERRIFIC! Congrats! Keep the good work — a summer concert has to help the healing! :)

  3. damacar Says:

    Boy am I jealous of your lack of atrophy! Nice calf, nice calf raise!
    How much does the brace help? I’ve been thinking about ordering but was going to talk to my ortho on Wed about it.

  4. matts Says:

    Walshie, the pics look good. We are part of the kankle club now. Everytime I stick my foot in my new shoes I want to say “Fat guy in a little coat” because of my fat ankle now..Get New Balance running shoes, mine have been a God sent..I almost don’t look like an 89 year old man walking on ice now..

  5. schilled Says:

    Wow, you’re giving people hope. Thanks for posting.

  6. walshie Says:

    The brace feels like it just keeps a little pressure off of the tendon. At the end of the day there is a pretty good indentation from where the brace was around the ankle. Swelling a bit below the brace, but nightly ice manages that.

    Funny story from my first PT appt yesterday: I was getting tested for ROM in both ankles. My right foot, on the whole, had MORE ROM than my “good” left foot! Ha. My therapist told me I need to get as fanatical about stretching out my good foot as I am about my bad foot. Kinda interesting.
    Yesterday I was able to do: squats on a foam pad, one legged lunges and long strides forwards and backwards w resistance. My legs were on fire, but the AT hung in there. He was encouraged by my progress so far and said I am on pace to be playing golf again rather soon…now were talking!

    After 2 concerts and my 1st PT appt all within 3 days I am totally gassed…but its great to be off that damn couch and getting back after it again…come on my lttle atrophied leg, we gotta keep movin!

  7. walshie Says:

    Matty whats funnier: “…fat man in a little coat.” or “…you’ll end up living in a van down by the river!”

    New Balance? They look comfortable but a wee bit to clunky for me. Ive got Nike Air 360’s, I think. I rock those at work, much better than the shoes I was wearing before.

  8. kristinatl Says:

    Keep up the good work! Hope you had a fun 4th. Your pics look really good. Cool shoes too. :)

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