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2 Shoes!

I had my 3rd post-op appt today at Mass General w the good Dr Theodore and after much tweaking and twisting and prodding he gave me the green light to ditch the boot.  Amen doc, amen.

I am to wear the achilles brace for 3 weeks (he was suprised I already had one…kudos to Matty and Doc Ross…I recommend reading all of Ross’s posts, he has been spot-on information-wise, a real asset) and then I can ditch that too.  I was told that the compression socks will help manage the swelling so continue w those.  I was handed a script for PT 1-3 x’s a week, 5-8 weeks total.  I am to see him Aug. 23rd for my last appt.

So I tried to ask him some of the questions that have been raised on the blog, but of course I could only come up w a few:

How far along am I in regards to tendon strength at 8 weeks?  Answer:  ”About 60%…6 months 100%…1 year all is back to normal.”

Am I at risk of re-rupture? (I even mentioned the 2 recent ones on the site)  Answer:  ”I’ve never had a re-rupture occur.  Never.  You can still do it but it would take something very extreme.”  (Gotta love a cocky Harvard doc)

When can I play golf?  Answer:  ”You can chip and putt for now but no full-on swings for weeks.”  (DAMN!)

When can I start running?  Answer:  ”4-6 more weeks.”

So yes I’m out of the boot and yes I feel great but I still cant do the one thing I love to do this time of year:  play competitive golf…oh well, it could be worse.

I limped back onto the subway, boot in hand, ready to face a new phase of challenges…thanks to all my Ablog buddies, you’ve really helped me!


15 Responses to “2 Shoes!”

  1. Doc Ross Says:


    congrats….on the 2 (golf) shoes. As for the golfing part…chipping and putting are fine but if you want to start hitting…(against Docs orders)….I have found that by turning your left foot out 10-15 degrees it will take a lot of stress off the AT. Your post said 1-3x per week…try and go 3X per week..you will see the most benefit by being more frequent.
    Don’t be frustrated by the slow progress from this point on…Up until this point each goal has been big…surgery, cast, boot, NWB, PWB, FWB, and 2 shoes all in 6-8 weeks…now it is time…exercises take time to actually see a benefit…go slow but GO…

    Congrats again and time for the ATR Open …pick a date and lets set it up..

    Doc Ross

  2. tennisjunkie Says:

    Yippee! You must be so pleased. Although I just a few days behind you (surgery) I still have 3 MORE WEEKS in this boot. I get the boot off on week 11 - much later than my blog buddies. I am very much hoping the doctor will agree that I can play some golf when the boot comes off. I already scheduled some days off in AUgust in hopes that I can get out and play.

    So - big question - what did he tell you about driving? I know you do that left foot drive, but what about driving with the right foot? Do you feel like you need some PT before you can drive with the right? I am very interested in your progress on this — please keep me posted. I have been begging and bumming rides since April 26th. Sick of it!!!

    Enjoy bootlessness!

  3. edforman Says:

    Wow - congrats - that is great! To think that I am only a little over 3 weeks behind you - really uplifting. I guess you could play an entire course with just your wedge and a putter if you need it that badly ;-)

    Enjoy 2-shoehood - happy for you and jealous too…


  4. walshie Says:

    Doc, good advice thanks, and yes the date is imminent.

    Tennisjunkie, I feel for you. I started taking the boot off about 10 days before I was cleared. It was just after work, at home, all hard level surfaces barefooted. I think it helped a little stretching-wise, but I dont know.

    As for driving he said I was all set to go ahead righty, but let me tell you I wasnt ready for it. I have little to no power in my right foot/leg. I started driving lefty as I pulled out of the lot after the appt today just out of habit, then switched to my right foot. I rolled up to a stop sign and started to apply what I thought was a lot of force on the brake pedal…ahhhhhh hello brakes?? The car barely slowed….more pressure…the car finally came to a stop, whew. Not a good feeling! I need PT badly, I have no strength. Hope this helps..hang in there!

  5. craig Says:

    RE: Driving, I’m now 3 weeks into PT and 4 days back to driving. I’m pretty close to normal driving, though I still brake with my left foot when I need to apply a lot of pressure. I have only been driving city streets. Maybe I’ll try the freeway in another week or so.

  6. Tom Says:

    Fantastic Walshie! Sounds like you’re progressing nicely. Like Doc mentioned, keep up the hard work as you try and rebuild strength. The progress does slow but try not to let it be frustrating.

  7. dennis Says:

    Walshie, congrats on 2-shoes! Good luck with the physical therapy, and I think it really helps with the recovery. Have fun playing golf again, even if you can’t take full swings yet.

  8. eriedutchgirl Says:

    Congrats! Two shoes is so… human.

  9. matts Says:

    Walshie, That is great news my brotha. I am glad that the Achilles strap came in handy. If your doctor recomends it, then it must work.. Be Careful and enjoy the use of your foot again..Congrats..Maybe I can beat you at golf if you can only use your wedge and putter. I am in for the AT open, let me know time and dates

  10. daveleft Says:

    Excellent work. Btw, which brace did you get? Needless to say, I’m taking no chances down the road.

  11. damacar Says:

    I would also like to know which brace you have.


  12. zam215 Says:

    That is awesome! Where do u get this “achilles strap”?

  13. walshie Says:

    Thanks for all the kind words guys..means a lot. Here’s the strap I am supposed to wear for the first 3 weeks in ‘2-shoes’:


    Doc said that should help protect it as it gets stronger…also get the compression socks, those keep the swelling down.

    Let me tell you that I worked 7-4 today and I am wiped. My right leg is toast, it seemed much more engaged sans boot.

    …start PT Monday…oh and then PEARL JAM Monday night..sooooooooo psyched. I want to throw my boot onstage, give it a worthy send off…maybe Eddie Vedder will slip it on.

  14. craig Says:

    Pearl Jam, I’m jealous. Have fun and take care of that achilles!

  15. matts Says:

    Walshie-What’s up bro? I have not worn the brace yet. When I talk to him on July 7th I am going to show it to him though. I have been doing PT almost a month now and my leg is starting to look alive again. I think I will be wearing it once I go back to work for sure, mental support nonetheless…How is PT going?

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