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Screw the boot…

Well it was almost 90 on the Cape today and there was no way I wasnt goin in the water.  I am supposed to be in the boot til the last week in June (Surgery 4/28 splint for 2 weeks, cast for 2, boot since 5/28) but this past week I’ve been taking if off a lot around the house and a little at work.  Bo was there in case I slipped on a rock…ha ha…The water temp was in the mid-50’s, still pretty cold, and it felt really good to give it a little workout.  Here’s to a speedy recovery for all my ATR buds!

6 Responses to “Screw the boot…”

  1. tennisjunkie Says:

    Ah- such a great idea!! It is good to hear you are getting around ok without the boot.

    BTW - Iron Man was a fun movie, with a so so plot, good actors, and great special effects. I enjoyed it.

  2. judit Says:

    Good for you, walshie! I got my boot today, so if I folow your footsteps I will be able to soak myslef at leat in a pool in too weeks? Cool!

  3. judit Says:

    follow and myself, of course - sorry for the typos…

  4. runrattyrun Says:

    I also ditched the boot today. Weather was a factor, but frustration and impatience the prime movers. Good job, wonderful picture

  5. matts Says:

    Walshie-Looks like you are having fun! I am too much of a chicken to ditch the boot quite yet. Did you ever have any calf pain when you wear the boot? My calf cramps up bad. Thanks- Matt

  6. walshie Says:

    Thanks runrattyrun! I wasnt moving very fast, the tendon feels really stiff and weak but I was very careful and took my sweet time. Swimming seemed to increse my ROM a little, and it didnt swell up at all later that night.

    matts I havent experienced much calf pain…maybe bc theres not a muscle there anymore! No I kid, the calf is pretty pain-free. My heel gives me some discomfort, esp late in the day if I have been on it a lot. Theres little to no padding in my aircast boot so I heeded the advice of a fellow blogger and bought heel pads at CVS. They help a little, not a lot. As I told runratty my tendon is tight, real tight. I cannot complete a stride bc I really cant push off w the ball of my foot, theres no strength there. Doc Ross also mentioned that in his recovery so I was aware of it.

    Oh well, today its a steamer on the east coast and my boot is smelling pretty ripe! Just one more stupid thing we have to deal with on this 365 day marathon, right?

    Go Celts.

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