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…soaked my AT in a bucket of ice tonight…

…and ohhhhhhhh it felt sooooo good.  Have any of you tried this before?

I have been in the boot for 6 days now.  Yesterday I went to the beach and tried to “walk/shuffle” around on the hard sand without the boot…didnt feel so good.  I experienced some swelling today, along with some tightness of the tendon.

I was concerned about the swelling and was going to try and knock it back down before I went to bed tonight.  I resorted to an old move the trainers in college would do for bum ankles:  soak it in a bucket of ice water for 15 minutes.   Ahhhhh, after the initial sting it didnt really feel that cold.  I filled up a large steel pasta bucket high enough to cover my whole incision.  After 15 min was up I took it out, dried it off and checked it out.  Swelling was gone, foot felt great…gonna do it again tomorrow.

Anyone else try this?  Is this healthy for the tendon?  I have a vmail out to doc Theodore at MGH, Im interested to see what he says.

4 Responses to “…soaked my AT in a bucket of ice tonight…”

  1. withnail Says:

    Tell you what I tried last night … soaked some Glenfiddich in some ice and then drank it. I immediately felt better, transported to a Scottish highland, where I ran free without a care in the world and a perfect pair of achilles tendons.

  2. johnk Says:

    Withnail, what a waste of good whisky, there is enough water in it when it is distilled :P

  3. walshie Says:

    I knew I was forgetting something.

  4. hoss Says:

    I haven’t tried this yet since I just had surgery 5 days ago, but last year I used to soak both legs (knee downwards) in ice and water for 15-20 min. It definitely reduced the soreness, and helped muscle recovery in the area. Very tough the first time but got used to it.

    Maybe I should have kept on doing it or else I wouldn’t be in the predicament I’m in now.

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