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Back to work…soooo tired

Hello everybody.  I hope all of your recoveries are going well.

I went back to work Wednesday, the day after I was fitted for the walking boot/air cast.  The plan was to go in for a few hours, get a few things done and then head back home.  Well I ended up getting to the course at 7 (I’m a golf professional) and didn’t take off until after 2.  Needless to say I was exhausted.  My bad leg was sore and there was some “weeping” of the incision down towards the ankle.

Yesterday and today were a little bit better as I sat down more often and only taught a few lessons…from a bench behind the student.  I cant wait to get home and put some ice on my weary AT.

Have any of you experienced discharge from your incision after you started PWB/FWB?  A friend who is a nurse said it looked ok but if the discharge turns green it means its infected…yikes!  I hope that doesnt happen..then Im screwed.  Does neosporin(sp?) or bactine help the incision heal?

Take care,


PS:  Driving lefty isnt as hard as I thought.  If you have a right ATR and an automatic transmission it is possible to still get around, Im just going a little slower and with a lot of caution.

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  1. daveleft Says:

    Hey Walshie, congrats on the progress. I had a slight irritation of my scar with a little weeping and used diluted Grapefruit Seed Extract on it (four drops to tbsps water). I swabbed the area with the mixture and let it air out at night. I’m a big fan of of GSE. It supposedly has amazing anti-bacterial properties. You can find this stuff in health food stores. Just make sure you always dilute it…it’s really strong. I’ll be curious what others suggest.

  2. mlouie Says:

    Hi Walkshie,

    No weeping from my incision, but the PA put surgical tape over the holes from the stitches while they heal up. I’m not sure if that’s stopping the weeping or not. I have a PT appointment today and may see more.

    Personally, I don’t like neosporin. I suspect that one of the non-active ingredients in it (like the gel or one of the binding agents) irritates my skin to the point of getting dermatitis. My thoughts would be to keep it clean, and you should be ok (according to my doc’s instructions to me, at least).

    Glad to see that you’re progressing. Who knows, I may have to come see you for some gold lessons :D


  3. kevined1 Says:

    I’m having wound issues, but no infection–fingers crossed. My doc tells me to keep it clean and dry as possible–obvious I guess, but harder to do with an outdoor job. I’m a PGA Member myself, and in the past I have given many Junior Clinics and lessons in full force by this time of year. I’m hoping to return to the lesson tee with the boot in late June, early July. This ATR is killing my supplemental income!! The golf industry is hard enough to make ends meet. I began working in the golf industry back in 2000, and I have found that I have needed two jobs to make it work–I also coach the high school boys and girls golf teams at a local high school. My job, as you well know, requires hours of movement and minimal time for rest. It is very tough mentally for me, but my wife has been great–lucky for me.

    I’m glad you went back to work. Take care of the incision.

  4. matts Says:

    Hope there is no infection Walshie! I never knew I had so many golfing friends with the same injury. I love to golf but I am far from being as good as you guys. I am just good enough to beat my 66 year old Dad, but as he points out to me ‘This old man can walk circles around you’. How true that is. Sounds like a great job to work at a golf course! I think I have read that alot of other people have had some scar/wound issues. I wish you well, we should have a ATR scramble, we can call it the 1st Annual Old man/women,scrawny calf open. First boot to walk all 18 holes wins. On a more serious note, you should probably take it easy this weekend my bloggin brother.

  5. walshie Says:

    Kevined1, thats crazy that you are a member too! Wow..where do you work? I work on Cape Cod and the season is just poppin and I need that lesson money..like saving for an engagement ring need it..and Ive got this damn space boot on walking around like the tin man. Oh well, I’ll grin and bear it..what else can I do??

    matts, you are too funny. “The ATP Open” …has a nice ring to it, no? I’m in. I say you have to play on one leg, your good leg obviously. This way anyone with an ATR can play, whether you did it yesterday or 5 years ago. You have to show your scar to get in. If you didnt have surgery you will have to produce one of the following: 1. Your old boot, 2. A pic of you in a cast, or 3. A pic of just your cast. I’m off to pitch it to ESPN.

  6. kevined1 Says:

    Walshie–I’m north of Houston. It is hot down here, but business is great. Sign me up for the ATR open. I think ESPN has an “instant classic’ on their hands!!

    Good luck with the engagement bro.

  7. tennisjunkie Says:

    ATR Open I am in! I know I am the tennis junkie, but 4 years ago I took up golf because I kept getting injured playing tennis! Yup, went back for a lob, and there goes the achilles. I doubt that my chip shots would have caused this!

  8. walshie Says:

    Nice kev and tj, you guys can join matts as Honorary Tournament Chairpersons. This way I can sit on my butt and do nothing but delegate to you three.

    Do you think Titleist can fabricate a driver out of one of my crutches? I think theyre titanium.

  9. matts Says:

    The new and improved Driver by Titleist ‘The Crutch 1000′, that has a great ring to it and how about Pings new ‘CAM putter’. I like the idea of being one of the leaders of the ATR tour. We would have to name a tournament after Dennis…sine he started this great site. We could bronze a Boot and give that out as a trophy, and at the half way point of the tournament we can give out the PWB award and the winner of the tourney will get the FWB award.

  10. craig Says:

    Ha! ATR Open, that’s hilarious. What do you say when somebody asks your “handicap”?

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