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2nd post-op visit, got the boot. Did you say FWB??

I went to Mass. General today for my 2nd post-op visit.  I’m 30 days since surgery and was quite anxious to get the walking boot today.  Well Dr. Theodore, the Red Sox foot and ankle specialist who put Curt Schilling’s ankle back together this off-season, fits me for the boot and tells me to stand up, sans crutches and take a few steps.  Ahhhhh, excuse me doc?  Did you say walk?  I was not ready to ditch my trusty crutches just yet, as much as I hate ‘em.  I grabbed the crutches, just for peace of mind, and took a few steps.  The foot felt cranky and tight in the tendon and I was very very tentative.  I was able to walk the length of the 40 foot corridor after a few minutes with the aid of just one crutch.  He told me I have to take my foot out of the boot 3 x’s a day and flex and contract my foot up and down 20 reps each time.  I dont start PT for another 4 weeks.  He said I was ahead of schedule but it was still too early for therapy.  I have read most of the other ATR blogs on here and they have been very insightful and informative.  I actually was able to ask the doc some questions that these blogs brought to my attention.  Like:  Will a theraputic massage help the healing?  (Answer:  ”…not really, no…but go for it if you want.”)  Should I use ultrasound or electronic stim on the tendon?  (Answer: “…if you want to, I cannot see how it could hurt.”)  Can I rupture it again?  (Answer:  ”The tendon is repaired, it is sound.  You have to just take it slow and let the surrounding area strengthen…the boot will protect it at this stage”).I am to see him in 4 weeks for my 3rd post-op visit and then I think I’m going to be a member of the 2 shoes club again…I hope. For all my ATR friends:  Hang in there and good luck in the recovery process…like my old man told me:  ”This too will pass.”           -Walshie 

12 Responses to “2nd post-op visit, got the boot. Did you say FWB??”

  1. tennisjunkie Says:

    Hey, great news. I am day 27 post op, and pwb/fwb on a cast, (in transition, using a crutch but sometimes nothing) . Can’t wait for my boot - 2 weeks from tomorrow. My doctor is also saying wait on PT….although once I am in a boot, he may clear me for it.

  2. kevined1 Says:

    Walshie–It sounds like we could be on the same trek for the boot fitting. I’m at 22 days post-op right now, and look to get my boot at day 32. Congrats on the boot! I’m jealous. I’m not a patient person, and I’m a terrible patient!! But, I have learned to be a little more cautious….

    Did your Dr. tell you that you could progress to FWB at your pace? I’m just curious how fast I will be able to junk the crutches. I have had several people tell me that after a couple of days, the stiffness reduces pretty quickly.

    I’ve got some serious guns, but I’m ready to get rid of my arm legs asap!!!!

  3. matts Says:

    Thanks for the great information, I go from the cast to the Boot on June 2nd! I look forward to any kind of walking or limping at this point.

  4. Mike Says:

    This is just fantastic news! Congratulations are in order.

    I get my boot tomorrow and will, slowly, be following in your footsteps!


  5. walshie Says:

    Thanks for the comments and kind words boys…Im telling you, when you get that boot your psyche changes. You realize you are about to get your life back, so to speak. I havent worked more than 2 days since April 17th so I need to get back. Kevined1: I know what you mean about being a horrible patient, but I did keep it elevated most of the time those 4 weeks though, doc scared the crap out of me with all those infection and skin graph speeches…he said elevate or face the consequences. Now I’m glad I did. To answer your question yes he said go at my own pace but initially he was like “Ok, lets give it a go..” I have been in the boot since 3 pm today and I just walked ON MY OWN to the bathroom, with the boot on of course but NO CRUTCH. That just didnt seem possible this morning, but I just did it. Im so happy I had to do it again and i went to the fridge and just grabbed a cold bud, ha!! As for the guns yeah my triceps in particular feel stronger right now, and I did push-ups and dumbell work while in the cast so I dont think I lost that much in 5 weeks…I think flexing my calf while in the cast helped a lot as well, IMO.

  6. matts Says:

    What did your Doctor say about going up and down stairs? Thanks In advance-Matt

  7. walshie Says:

    Matt he didnt really say. I have read about people re-rupturing their ATs on stairs before on other blogs so yes I am concerned about stairs. I havent gone up stairs yet but will prob do it one step at a time for now, stepping w my good foot 1st, ya know? Dont get me wrong, the boot’s not a miracle. I am moving really, really slow…but at least Im moving.

  8. matts Says:

    Thanks for the info Walshie! I will be extra careful around steps for sure…I will be fitted for the boot at 26 Days Post-Op. Hope I am ready!

  9. dennis Says:

    walshie - congrats! Looks like you have a great doctor. This too will pass.. that’s very Zen.

  10. withnail Says:

    Wow, I’m now a bit worried! I’m getting my boot fitted today - after only 12 days post-op. Does this sound too soon?

  11. daveleft Says:

    Congrats! Here’s to carrying beer in hands and not pockets!

    withnail-I was put into a boot on Day 8 with NWB. I have been PWB from Day 16, albeit taking it slow. I’m on schedule for FWB after Week 4, about the same time as Walshie but with a bigger lead up.

  12. walshie Says:

    withnail: I dont really know if its too soon or not. I assume you are keeping it on the vast majority of the time, no? I would definitely sleep with it on, my doc was adament about that. Good luck and take it slow!

    …just worked 7-2 at the golf shop and my foot and leg are spent. I left the crutches in the car, didnt even take them in. I got around ok, albeit slow. Only sat down a few times…its amazing how tired my bad AND good leg are from all that relative inactivity.

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