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3 Weeks Post-Op

Hi everybody.  I ruptured my Achilles April 17th playing softball.  I had surgery April 28th at Mass General Hospital in Boston.  I was placed in a plaster splint for 2 weeks then fitted for another bigger cast for another 2 weeks.I am to be fitted for a walking boot on the 27th of this month.  I assume it will be only PWB but I’m not sure.  Any of you know how long after getting fitted for a boot that I can ditch the crutches?  When will I be FWB?I am excited to be able to possibly walk my dog or practice some putting and chipping at the course.  This site is great.  I wish I found it earlier!  Take care, Walshie 

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  1. daveleft Says:


    Welcome to the one-legger club!

    This site is indeed a comfort zone during our ordeals. I can only tell you what my experience has been and I think the one rule is that everyone’s healing is on a case-by-case basis. Don’t use the averages or what others are doing as guidelines. Listen only to your doc or PT.

    I went from splint right to a boot. Today, at Day 16, I began PWB. I believe I will be on crutches until Week 6-8. It all depends on mobility and dorsiflexion (I think this is the right usage…getting back to 90 degrees…it’s still all new to me). As I started my PT early, I will be evaluated each week and ditching the crutches will be “when the time comes.” I hate ‘em. The crutches, that is. But I will be using them right up until the a-okay.

    Btw, I’ve got Green Monster tix for September but they are SRO. That gives me a real goal!

    Good luck and enjoy the site. Dennis has done a fantastic job here.


  2. jenni Says:

    Hey Walshie,
    I’m the same time frame as you - had my surgery on April 28th too. I was in a cast for 2 weeks, then put in a boot. I was told I could start to PWB after week 2, but took it pretty easy last week. I’m trying more weight this week, but very cautiously. I’ve been told I should be FWB without crutches by week 7 post-op, still in the boot. Physio will start sometime after week 6. As Dave said, everyone seems to be different in their recovery. Some Docs seem more aggressive, others more conservative. The site is really helpful, makes me feel better every day!
    Golfing isn’t too far away . . .

  3. brendan Says:

    Walshie - I was 2 weeks in a splint, 2 weeks in a cast, and then into a boot. I was then 2 weeks NWB in the boot, and then 2 weeks transitioning to FWB. So I was 8 weeks total on crutches…there are others on this site that have been significantly less though.

  4. tennisjunkie Says:

    Surgery May 1st - PWB on day 18. I am hoping to get down to one crutch over the long weekend, but that might be ambitious. I am in a cast for 3 more weeks, then a boot for about a month. I plan to golf when I get the boot on.

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