23 Weeks - Getting better but Heel Pain and Bump

My strength continues to increase. Flexibility so so but in proving. The PT tendonitis subsiding a little.
Question though. I have for the most part since trying to start walking had pain in my heel at the insertion point of my achilles. There is a visible bump there. I do not [...]

20 Weeks - Curve Ball

I have developed some tendonitis/tendonosis on what my Posterior Tibial tendon. My PT and doctor did not seem too concerned and were not too shocked either. They gave me PPT Langer Shoe Insoles for my shoes and said keep going in the non-pain range. Easier said than done. When you think [...]

16 Weeks: Benchmark Achieved but more Heal Pain

So this week I have been able to consistently get my knee to touch the wall when doing DF. I am also gaining great progress in dual heal raises to where they are pretty easy except for that last bit to get on my very tip toes. I contribute that to going to [...]

14 Weeks Gaining DF and Strength

I posted last time that I was concerned about my DF. The gage I am using is put my toes against the wall and bend my knee. I then measure the distance from my knee to the wall. It was at 8 cm from the wall two weeks ago. With daily [...]

12 weeks Dorsiflexion?

I have been working my way to two shoes slowly. I wear two shoes for short distance walking and the boot for the longer distance at the moment. I can still get pains in my leg when walking if I try to walk too fast still and I cannot walk very well at [...]

10 weeks, rehab pains

Still trucking alone. Went to my father in law’s retirement party this past Friday. Had a lot of fun and I was on my feet for maybe 4-5 hours. This has been the longest I have been on my feet since the injury. Everything felt fine BUT my ankle was huge [...]

9 weeks and counting

I have been having very isolated a 1 out of 10 scale of throbbing / aching on one side of my achilles. Not painful but noticeable and was concerning me. It started maybe three weeks ago and became more noticeable once I began weight bearing. It would do it a random times [...]

Life at 7 weeks

These past two weeks have I resumed ROM and worked my way down to 2 heel lifts (starting from 3). I think I could move to 1 lift but it would be a tight fit dont want to push it too fast. I have been going to the park and sitting by the [...]

Ruptured my Achilles First 5 weeks

First post. Ruptured my achilles playing kick ball and my first 5 weeks post-op.