23 Weeks - Getting better but Heel Pain and Bump

My strength continues to increase. Flexibility so so but in proving. The PT tendonitis subsiding a little.

Question though. I have for the most part since trying to start walking had pain in my heel at the insertion point of my achilles. There is a visible bump there. I do not know for how long I have had this bump on my heel but that is definitely the isolation of where the pain is. And I know for sure it hurt at week 16 when looking at my past posts.

The bump is a little spongy and then hard after that. I can’t tell where the spongy stops and bone starts. I don’t remember it being like that before. The scar runs next to it so not sure if the spongy part is scar tissue or not.

I did some internet searching and it comes back with all sorts of possibilities among them a heel spur which it looks like lots of people have surgically removed. I HOPE THAT IS NOT IT! I don’t want to have to go through this again. I see my doctor in a few weeks and I will ask him then. In the mean time has anyone else have this bump?

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  1. I didn’t pay much attention to bumps, but when I overdid (1-leg heel raises as soon as I could walk without a limp), I developed a pain that seemed to come right from there (back of the heel), that lasted a month. My cure was to back off the exertion, and go back into a hinged boot until the pain went away, a month later. No pain there since, and no bump that I notice, anyway.

    I know some people have had bony spurs removed from the back of their heels (some with AT removed and reattached, some not), but I don’t THINK that’s what “heel spur” usually means. I don’t think so. . .

  2. Hi wacaine

    It looks like you recovery progress is very similar to mine. I suffered a full rupture playing field hockey on astroturf at the end of September (so, 3 or 4 weeks after you did yours?). Treated conservatively in a cast for 5 weeks, then partial weight bearing in an airboot for 5 weeks with physiotherapy once a week.

    I’m now 22 weeks post injury and have been going to the gym regularly for 8 weeks. Strength is gradually returning to the calf but, like you, I’ve had inflammation of the Posterior Tibial tendon and have a lump on the tendon in much the same place as you. The other noticeable issue is a build-up of firm tissue towards the bottom of the calf - I don’t know if this is calf muscle or scar tissue. Do you have something similar as well?

    In terms of recovery, my flexibility is gradually improving with some aggressive, full body-weight stretching - this is really uncomfortable, but I’m starting to see the benefit and can touch the wall with my knee.

    Pain from the tendon lump during exercise is easing now, so hopefully that is improving.

    I thought the PT tendonitis was going, but my physio had me doing new exercises on a cross trainer and stair climber machine to work the part of the calf that operates when your knee is bent. This was fine for a 10 minutes on an easy pace, but when I raised the speed and resistance I got a lot of discomfort in that hard tissue at the bottom of the calf and the PT tendonitis has come back.

    I returned to the gym two days later and managed to go a but further before the discomfort cam back, so I’m hoping this is the sensation of muscle reawakening after being a long time dormant… Fingers crossed.

    Good luck with the recovery.

  3. @Philip S

    Thanks Philip for the post! I too have a very hard lower calf along the scar line. The skin used to be tightly adhered to it as one solid piece which has loosened tremendously by is still attached to the below muscle/tendon below.

    Just curious what is the range of your DF right now? Mine at 22 weeks was toe moved 4 cm off the wall and could still touch wall (vs my good leg of ~12 cm of wall).

    I have been logging my progress of DF stretch since the beginning. I am gaining just under 1 cm a week (I am most likely pushing it a little too hard which either gave or at the least is not helping the PT tendonitis and bump pain I am having). At this point I can now move my toe away from the wall ~7cm and touch the wall.

    Also, what I think has been helping me I think is my bi-weekly visit to the pool and sit in the hot tub for ~20 minutes. Putting my ankle near one of the jets also feels awesome.

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  4. My DF seems to be relatively good. Now at 23 weeks I can get to 9cm, but with the caveat that that is only after two previous stretches - on the first stretch I will be at about 6cm, then 7.5cm, then 9cm. It hurts though, especially at the end of the stretch as the tension is released. The real limiting factor seems to be the PT - the main tightness is very much on the inside of my ankle. My good leg has good flexibility - c 13cm.

    At the physio yesterday I got strapped into a biodex machine to test the relative strength of my ankles for the first time. The bad ankle is at roughly 50% of the good one (although my good one is relatively strong as a result of doing a lot of cycling the past 5 years). My physio seemed a bit disappointed with that as I think he’d wanted to be able to say I could start thinking about running soon, but to be fair I’m only just back on my bike (which is my main sport) so I’m happy I can now push on and really concentrate on a combination of heel raises and ever longer cycle rides.

    I’ve also found the hot tub is a really good pain/tension relief for the PT. It only lasts a short while after I’m out, but it’s a great reminder of how easy the ankle movement will become.

  5. Hi Wacaine,

    I hope you are doing well! I am currently about 6 months post-surgery, and my state of affairs is almost exactly like yours was when you made this post (pain and bump in same area). I was wondering how everything turned out, how you resolved the pain issue, what it was, etc. Let me know if you ever catch a free moment! Philip, if you are still around and could chime in, id be curious as to how to progressed and what you did as well!


  6. @Ed,

    I am ~1 year 4 months since I ruptured and the bump is still there. It does not hurt much if at all anymore which is good. I think I was over doing the stretching. I pretty much stopped my therapy for about a month because I was getting defeated with the pains and such. I continued to live my life, walk and bike etc. but stopped trying to increase my range of motion by stretching or doing heel raises. I think that did it because the pain in the heel went away, the bump did not though. This was around ~9 months. I keep saying I will follow up with the doctor for an x-ray to see what it is but as long as it is not hurting I have no urgency. Only issues I have with it now is I get a blister when I wear certain dress shoes.

    I am still having issues with my Posterior Tibial Tendon (PT) though :(. It has gotten loads better but still is painful when I first get up. My ankle pops in the morning a lot too right in that spot. I can do full single heel raises now with only minor discomfort in my inner ankle (PT probably). My calf is still visually smaller than my good leg and its strength is not fully there but I stopped noticing it around 9 months.

    Good luck with everything. I wish you the best.

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