20 Weeks - Curve Ball

I have developed some tendonitis/tendonosis on what my Posterior Tibial tendon. My PT and doctor did not seem too concerned and were not too shocked either. They gave me PPT Langer Shoe Insoles for my shoes and said keep going in the non-pain range. Easier said than done. When you think you are on the path to recovering you get a a curve ball like this. Only silver lining I can find in this storm cloud is it limits me slightly from pushing on too fast but I hope it does not stick around too long.

Other than that I am a far ways off from pre injury BUT my strength and flexibility is slowly but surely returning. I can walk pretty much normal now in shoes. Bear foot is rough with the tendonitis. My jogging is pretty pathetic still largely because my strength and dorsiflection is still pretty bad.

Many people posting here seem to have gained most of their DF back by 20 weeks. I stretch daily but would say my DF is still 20 degrees off from my good leg. I really hope it continues to return otherwise I don’t think I could ever run again. The restriction seems to be largely my soleus muscle which kind of makes sense since that is near my rupture. When I hang off stairs my feet match so my calf is fine. The second I bend my knee to do DF then I get the restriction.

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  1. Bummer, Wacaine, hope it improves for you. That issue of the healed AT lengths, not length — i.e., the sometimes different lengths to the two different muscles — doesn’t seem to get much attention, even when we’re discussing “healing long” and “healing short”. My AT-soleus also seems shorter than my AT-Gastroc, but in my case I prefer the AT-soleus length.

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