14 Weeks Gaining DF and Strength

I posted last time that I was concerned about my DF. The gage I am using is put my toes against the wall and bend my knee. I then measure the distance from my knee to the wall. It was at 8 cm from the wall two weeks ago. With daily rehab plus some stretching where I go until I feel a little pain has gotten me some good return. Below is the progress I am seeing by daily measurements. It is slow but surly getting better. I asked my surgeon who agrees with my PT that as long as I continue to stretch I will be able to gain all my DF back (not quickly but over a few months). He went on to explain that the lengthening/stretching that is occurring is in the muscle, not the repair. The repair should not stretch/lengthen, tendons should NEVER do that.

I also have a pre planned trip to a water park (made before my injury) coming up in a month which I am super excited and at the same time little sad about what I will be able to do. I asked both my PT and surgeon about how safe it is to do the rides and such which they both gave me caution on. The lazy river and wave pool should be no problem. As for the tube rides, as long as I can avoid jamming my foot against a wall or landing on my foot to cause forced DF I should be fine.

Why I am sad is the water park has a flow rider which simulates a wave which you can do body boarding or surfing on. Last year, while surfing, I was able to work my way up to staying on a whole minute before falling and want to see if I still had it this year. The surfing ride is probably the biggest risk of me falling and re-injuring my foot since I will be in the least control when falling off.

The part of me that really wants to do it is thinking back on all the times I fell last year, each time it is into a rushing stream of water where you really have no change to plant your feet. Its more your body hits the water and it pushes you back onto a platform where you make sure your swim trunks didn’t get ripped off and you get back to your feet there. We will see where I am in a month but I probably will not risk that ride to my great disappointment.

Progress of DF:
DATE Distance from wall (centimeters)
11/21/12 — 8.5
11/26/12 — 8
11/28/12 — 7
11/30/12 — 5
12/01/12 — 5
12/02/12 — 5
12/03/12 — 4.5
12/04/12 — 4.5
12/05/12 — 4.5
12/06/12 — 4
12/07/12 — 4

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