10 weeks, rehab pains

Still trucking alone. Went to my father in law’s retirement party this past Friday. Had a lot of fun and I was on my feet for maybe 4-5 hours. This has been the longest I have been on my feet since the injury. Everything felt fine BUT my ankle was huge when I got home. Put it on ice and slept on the couch so I could elevate my foot against the back so my foot was way above my heart all night. Returned to normal in the morning.

The other thing I have been dealing with is the bottom of my foot, my “heal pad” has been hurting when putting full weight on it just standing or limping around the house.

Has anyone else had the swelling and/or foot hurting and how long did it take for those issues to go away?

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  1. My blog remembers my answers better than I, alas!

    My swelling lasted way longer than I preferred, and I started a page just about that! The foot hurting thing faded steadily, but took a while to vanish completely. Like maybe 3 months in, if I stepped barefoot on a thin phone cord or walked onto concrete, I still “noticed”. Crocs felt great, and I still wear a pair around the house!

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