12 weeks Dorsiflexion?

I have been working my way to two shoes slowly. I wear two shoes for short distance walking and the boot for the longer distance at the moment. I can still get pains in my leg when walking if I try to walk too fast still and I cannot walk very well at [...]

10 weeks, rehab pains

Still trucking alone. Went to my father in law’s retirement party this past Friday. Had a lot of fun and I was on my feet for maybe 4-5 hours. This has been the longest I have been on my feet since the injury. Everything felt fine BUT my ankle was huge [...]

9 weeks and counting

I have been having very isolated a 1 out of 10 scale of throbbing / aching on one side of my achilles. Not painful but noticeable and was concerning me. It started maybe three weeks ago and became more noticeable once I began weight bearing. It would do it a random times [...]