Life at 7 weeks

These past two weeks have I resumed ROM and worked my way down to 2 heel lifts (starting from 3). I think I could move to 1 lift but it would be a tight fit dont want to push it too fast. I have been going to the park and sitting by the creek. It is no mountain biking but it is better than nothing. Speaking of that I have read some people start biking again around 5 weeks That is crazy and I am jealous! I am going to ask they feel its safe enough to do that next time I go to the doctor.

I had my first PT visit. My PT doctor massaged my leg and gave me some stretches and workouts to keep the muscles I still have. While at my PT session it was explained to me the concept of adhesions. Which I now understand and have. It is basically when you get cut through multiple layers of “stuff” like skin, muscle, tendon it will heal together as one. The massaging and ROM help break that up. I now notice when I move my ankle/tendon my whole skin moves with it. This does not happen on my good leg. I have noticed a dent in my incision has flattened out which I assume is the adhesions on either side breaking apart. I have also had a mild burning sensation in the surgery area once and a while. Not sure what that is about.

Until I am weight bearing my PT said there is really nothing more she could do that I could not do my self until I start weight bearing. In some better news my PT doctor mentioned my surgeon has noted in my chart possibly starting weight bearing next visit to him. I go to the doctor next wednesday and I dont want to get my hopes up but I would really like to ditch the crutches.

That is all for now!

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  1. Any clues why your Doc is keeping you NWB so long? You’ve had your ATR repaired surgically, and you’re staying off that foot way longer than many of us who skipped the surgery (and those who skipped the surgery in the UWO study, too). There are several links on the main page (look for “studies” or “protocols”) that found no benefit (or worse) from delaying PWB and FWB.

    Pushing too fast to neutral (0 heel wedges) can be scary, though the UWO folks took that step at 6 weeks with or without surgery. But they also went to PWB at 2 weeks and FWB at 4. There’s no reason to wait for neutral position to start Weight Bearing, though some people (and maybe some Docs) confuse the two.

  2. normofthenorth,

    Not sure why. Ill ask if he does not give me weight bearing when I see him this Wednesday. Only 2 things I can think of is my scare on the fourth week where I put a ton of weight on it and felt something let go OR my rupture was higher than normal meaning I ripped through some muscle and then my whole tendon. He mentioned he was not worried too much about the tendon holding but the muscle he had to stitch back on which is softer than the tendon he was not sure would hold as well if starting putting a lot of strain on it. We will see this Wednesday.

  3. Good luck. I can’t wait to be fwb. I am glad to be pwb now. I still have my stitches in and worry that I will reinjure it every step I take.

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