Jul 24 2008

Scar Looks Good…&…Feeling Good

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I am 10 weeks post op and things are coming along very well for me.  I have been walking in the boot for almost four weeks and I have two more to go and then I will be in two shoes.  I have not begun regular PT sessions; however I have been doing little things on my own so that I can really go full force in two weeks when I start PT.  I have been swimming at least four times a week as well as stretches and massages.  I have also been walking around without the boot but only at my house where there are not people.

The scar in my opinion looks fantastic. I am quite proud of it actually, but there was a time at about 8 weeks where it was a little infected.  I think it was b/c I was just beginning to put more pressure on it and it did begin to puss a little bit and open up.  I put ointment on it and kept it very clean, but did not let the doctors know because it eventually healed up on it’s own.

This has been such a long haul and I know that I have so much further to go, but if I can give any advice at all for those just starting out it would be; focus on the little things.  Be proud and happy with every inch of progress that you make because I believe it keeps you motivated to get better.  Most of my summer has been spent out on the boat driving my brothers and sister wakeboarding and I also picked up a gig providing private wakeboard lessons.  This is a small bump in the road in my life and I will be so thankful for the day when I can get back out on the court to play ball and back out on the lake wakeboarding.  Things could always be worse.  Good luck to everyone, keep staying positive and when you get down about this challenging injury just remember that IT WILL GET BETTER.

Here is a pic of my scar at 10 weeks post op. This scar is so unbelievably straight!

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  1. edformanon 24 Jul 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Now THAT is a scar to be jealous of! Looks great!!


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