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Jun 26 2008

6 Wks Post Op

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I had my 6 week post op appointment and had every anticipation of beginning PT.  I was shocked to hear the Doc say that he wanted me to begin walking and ditch the crutches as soon as I could (of course being aware of any pain).  So I am happy to say that I am now taking it slow each day and walking a little bit more…. I feel as shaky as a new born fawn!!!

The Doc has said to wait another 6 wks to begin PT, but I am going to start it anyways.  I have been massaging the scar and tendon area about 3x each day, icing 2x a day, and stretching 3x a day.  Recently I went to a foot reflexologist/therapeutic massage and it was amazing.  The best part was the education that I received about my feet and how to avoid having further problems in the future.  It is so incredible how everything is all connected in the body.  I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone because it promotes ROM, blood flow, and helps the foot to recognize (once again) what it is supposed to do and how it is supposed to respond.

For all of those people out there that are at the very beginning stages of this injury, which I in fact still am; however I want to say that be patient and take the time to heal.  Time has suprisingly flown by and each day I CHOOSE to look at the positive instead of the negative, which is the improvement that I see each day.  Every day is a gift and this injury will pass, but it takes A LOT of time.  Of course I have my days where I am disappointed, but all in all this will be a memory of the past some day.  This has been an incredible life lesson and a true testament in how I allow myself to deal with a (non-permenant) very intense injury.  Each day my soul grows stronger and I tell myself to be happy and appreciate the gift I have been given of one day being able to do all the things I enjoy.

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Jun 01 2008

How long do you wear the nylon after surgery?

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I was wondering how long everyone has worn the nylon after surgery. I am almost three weeks post op and Doc told me to wear it for another month, which would be until a total of 6 weeks post op. Any input would be great?

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