May 27 2008

2 Wks Post Op

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Today marks just about two weeks since surgery and I got my stitches out.  YESSS!!!  I spent most of my weekend taking my friends out wakeboarding in my boat.  On the bright side I am not the one filling up the gas tanks, which as we all know is not cheap.  At least I could enjoy the smiles on their faces while they were riding and get some sun.

The healing is going well and it is really just a matter of time.  I should enjoy this time because I know that it will become more difficult when I begin PT.  Not to be mistaken, I am in fact STOKED to start PT, but I know it will be tough.  Most of my family and friends have been great.  It is really amazing when something like this happens to find out who your true friends are and who is there for you.  People kind of forget the severity of this injury and the amount of mental agony that goes along with it.  Really puts things into perspective.

Thank you to everyone that has been so encouraging and helpful along the way.  I am keeping my head up and not taking each day for granted as I have done in the past.

2 Responses to “2 Wks Post Op”

  1. withnailon 28 May 2008 at 10:41 am

    Great post w8kbrd! It is definitely doesn’t help that most people see this injury as some sort of sprain/twisted ankle, but this site makes a big difference.

    I like what you say about putting things in perspective. That’s the true plus side of this injury: it shakes you loose from your comfort zone and demands you see life differently.

    Best of luck with your healing! I’ll check in your progress as the weeks go by. ~withnail

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