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Time for me to update this blog!

6 weeks since my operation,  and the headline is :

I CAN WALK  :-) , not good though, but slowly and with control i do move around in my house barefoot. I do slow down my speed..  And make mye foot move all the way from the heal to the towes slowly…  I don’t feel i can use full body weight yet but slowly slowly testing more and more. Witin 14 days i thing i’ll be able to walk almost  normal. Right now I use 10 %

Talked to my PT today (25.3 ) and she told me that the achilles is not that strong yet. I must use the boot for 2 more weeks before I can try without…

timeline so far :

12.2   Operation    -     2 and a half week with Cast.

       I Read somwhere on achillesblog that a guy with good recovery made his toes “free” so he could move then up and down.   I did it to. Bending, cuting and removing the cast around my toes after  3 -  4 days.
       Kept moving toes up and down up and down , Leg up and down, foot up and down.  It was painfull to stand so i tried to lie down as often as i could. 
3.3    Cast removed, stitches gone and Camwalker from now on. 105 degrees for 2 weeks.
       PWB from day one.   Increasing  it a little bit day by day. After 10 days (from 3.3) almost FWB.  Due to the angle it was diffcult to walk without cruches.

       My PT gave me one mission:
       Within 2 week you must be able to bend your foot back, to the same angel you can do with the normal foot.  (Dorsiflexion)  DO NOT bend it Further. That is very important !! you do NOT want an achilles that is to streched.

       Whenever i could i took  the foot out of the boot and did some excercies.
      ( 5 - 8  times a day).
       I used streth bands (from a yoga Kit).   Bend my foot / toes back  holding for 20 sec and rest.  I also used excercises that i found on this web site. Thank you all for sharing !!! 

       After 10 days (from 3.3).  I could bend my foot back like the normal one. At this time I can raise up from a chair (with a small book under my hea).

17.3   Camwalker adjusted to 90 degrees. 4 more week with the boot.

it was great to feel a litt more normal. FWB after 2 days !! I move almost normal!!!! I can use my bicycle ! At this time i can raise up from a chair with boot feet on the ground, no pain no stiff feeling.

23.3   When I am home i take the boot off and walk slowly barefoot.  My achilles/heal /leg feels stiff, but everyday I improve my walking.  I ceep reminding myself that this will take time.  :-)

That was the bright side ! 

On the other side I have some trouble with the scar tissues. somthing called hyper granulaton tissue. There’s a part of the tissue that is not recovering. about 4 cm big.  I have to vist hospital every week for treatement. It’s holding me back for work, I must eat antibiotics, and change bandage all the time.   BUT the doctors says it’s not a problem for the achilles itself.  So i can keep up with excerices.. and so far so good.

25.3 Visted the doctor today. The granulation is not increasing, that’s good. But it’s not dried up yet.  they use somthing call LAPIS to dry it up. every 2nd day i must change bandage, put on lapis etc etc.  I also have infection now hmm if my body respond well with the antibotic there’s a chance it will heal without more surgery. I do hope so !!!

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This expression generally signifies a resignation or an acceptance of what is to come. In saying ’so be it’, one acknowledges that one either supports or is neutral towards a particular action or circumstance, represented by the indefinite pronoun ‘it’.

An example would be:

you feel a snap in your right leg.

Lose your balance and fall to the ground.

Looking behind you to find who kicked you.

Discover no one’s there.

You rise up but understand you can’t walk no more.

“So be it.”


Achilles gone 09 feb 2009

operation done 12 feb 2009

Day one soon gone

Tomorrow I am going to create my work out plan.