Six Month Report

Exactly 6 months post surgery I am back in 2 shoes, working out in the gym and swimming almost a half hour. I can walk at almost a normal pace for a couple of miles.

My calf is getting slowly stronger, it is about half-way back to normal. This is a slow process that I have learned to accept.

The iWalk was a great help - I believe it helped me maintain the strength in the hip and upper leg on my injured side. I would highly recommend this crutch if you want to do any kind of normal activities. Normal crutches require use of your arms, and a walker is very limiting. I never tried using the scooter recommended by my surgeon, since there are not ramps everywhere I needed to go.

I celebrated my 70th b-day last week, and was able to enjoy a bounce house (I share my b-day with my 5 year-old granddaughter). It was a hoot even though I was still favoring my injured leg some.

I’m looking forward to hiking in the dessert soon. If you are nearer to the beginning of the recovery process the best thing is to stay positive and know you will get better, with some effort.

2 Responses to “Six Month Report”

  1. Happy 70th Birthday and congrats on reaching your 6 months mark! Sounds like you had a fun time on the big day! I hope I’m enjoying a bouncy house on my 70th!!
    Thanks for the encouragement too - only 3 weeks out for me from Haglunds deformity removal and Achilles reconstruction.

  2. Congratulations - Love the sound of the bounce house! I’m also at 6 months on the 26th April. Walking ok some days, others not so much. Went for a bike ride today and that was fine - am so looking forward to being normal’ again and back to full fitness. I never thought i woudl actually take so long to be honest - but here we are!!! Onwards and upwards - Stay happy :)

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