Three Month Report

I am hobbling around in a walking boot, and even managed a mile walk the other day. Being very careful about too much exercise - it would be a nightmare to re-rupture this beetch.

I am going to PT twice a week and keeping up with my home exercises pretty well. Also I am going to the gym 5 days a week. Nothing like my activity before the ATR, but getting strength back in my upper body.

My ankle swells when I stress it but ice solves the problem. Very little pain, but I still medicate vaping herb every evening - it helps with sleep and greatly improves my attitude.

I got a little depressed about a month ago, but am fine now. My calf is so withered, but hopefully will be coming back now.

Anyway this site is great for providing information and stories of others experiences. Stay positive!

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  1. when are you cleared to be out of the boot? Im at 2 months and out of the boot and wondering where you are at. My calf is also very week and I’m going to PT once a week. Walking is still painful.

  2. Hi schwarac,

    I am still in the walking boot at almost 3 months post surgery, with PWB instructions from my surgeon. For the first 2 weeks I was to put no more than 30 lbs on my leg, bit I have increased that now, but still avoid full weight on the leg.

    My surgeon has been very conservative. I know some are full weight bearing on the boot at this stage. I expect I’ll be in the boot at least another month.

    I have Pt 2X week, and am working at home and the gym.

  3. Four months in an air cast is a very long time. Most protocols have you out at 12 weeks at the latest. Does he have you using wedges in the boot?

  4. My surgeon wants me to stay in the boot outside of the house for 5 more weeks. I can now walk around the house without the walking boot.

    He is being very conservative, probably because I’m almost 70.

    The AT seems to be getting better every day, but I am just a little sore now after walking in the pool for a half hour.

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