One Year

I an exactly 1 year post ATR, and am still rehabbing my injured (left) calf.

The circumference f my left calf is still a little less (about a half inch) than my right, compared to an inch when I started rehab. I only notice less strength in my calf when I do heel lifts - everything else feels normal. My swim coach tells me I have less control of my left leg swimming.

Cosmetically my left calf still appears slightly smaller, but not nearly as much as when I started rehab. I don’t know if my calf will ever appear the same as my right, but I will continue to work on it, and will post when and if I am successful.

If you are new to this process, I am sorry for your injury, but know there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Six Month Report

Exactly 6 months post surgery I am back in 2 shoes, working out in the gym and swimming almost a half hour. I can walk at almost a normal pace for a couple of miles.

My calf is getting slowly stronger, it is about half-way back to normal. This is a slow process that I have learned to accept.

The iWalk was a great help - I believe it helped me maintain the strength in the hip and upper leg on my injured side. I would highly recommend this crutch if you want to do any kind of normal activities. Normal crutches require use of your arms, and a walker is very limiting. I never tried using the scooter recommended by my surgeon, since there are not ramps everywhere I needed to go.

I celebrated my 70th b-day last week, and was able to enjoy a bounce house (I share my b-day with my 5 year-old granddaughter). It was a hoot even though I was still favoring my injured leg some.

I’m looking forward to hiking in the dessert soon. If you are nearer to the beginning of the recovery process the best thing is to stay positive and know you will get better, with some effort.

Three Month Report

I am hobbling around in a walking boot, and even managed a mile walk the other day. Being very careful about too much exercise - it would be a nightmare to re-rupture this beetch.

I am going to PT twice a week and keeping up with my home exercises pretty well. Also I am going to the gym 5 days a week. Nothing like my activity before the ATR, but getting strength back in my upper body.

My ankle swells when I stress it but ice solves the problem. Very little pain, but I still medicate vaping herb every evening - it helps with sleep and greatly improves my attitude.

I got a little depressed about a month ago, but am fine now. My calf is so withered, but hopefully will be coming back now.

Anyway this site is great for providing information and stories of others experiences. Stay positive!

Surgery for an Old Man

I managed a complete left ATR Oct 5, 2016 and had surgery the 13th. Now I am 6 weeks post ATR and almost 5 weeks post-surgery.

I am an active 69 ½ year-old male who enjoys hiking (missed this beautiful fall in Las Vegas), swimming laps, walking, and spending almost an hour in the gym 5 days a week. I am a retired LEO who was required to stay fit and I have had even more time to do this since I was required to retire at 57. I have worked and done volunteer work part-time since retirement. I have no chronic conditions except well controlled asthma.

The surgeon told me my age suggested a non-surgery approach, but urged him to cut. I know conservative treatment is favored on this board, but I figured a “lifetime” repair was more likely with surgery. I had successful back surgery 13 years ago; that might have made me lean toward the knife. Also I found rave reviews on the surgeon.

My surgeon, who is middle aged, told me he had done 42 re-attachments, and he said a complete ATR was relatively rare. I think his practice, near a number of retirement communities, consists mostly of hip and knee replacements.

The surgery involved a 3 inch cut on my leg and heel; the surgeon stated he simply stitched the two ends of my AT together. I was numbed up very well, but was happy to be able to feel my toes (and pain) after 2 or 3 days.

The pain, or mostly lack thereof, has been a pleasant surprise. This is not a particularly painful injury. The ER and surgeon referred me back to my internist for pain meds, which started with low doses of hydrocodone that will end shortly. My internist also referred me to a pain-doc who gave me a letter authorizing medical marijuana, which has been very effective.

Nine days after surgery the staples came out and I got a walking moon boot, with instructions to put no weight on the foot pending my Nov 23 exam. I was told I could start some flexibility exercises.

I got an iWalk 2.0 after surgery, and this crutch has worked great for me. I also borrowed a walker and platform cane. I saved almost 30% on the iWalk buying it new on eBay.

My progress has been as good as I could expect so far (5 wks PO). My wife has been great, and I have been able to do more and more around the house.

House cleaning has been probably my best exercise. Also iWalking through casinos to get to food gives me good walking exercise on rugs.

I plan to post updates on my progress and will be glad to answer any questions, since I seem to have extra time on my hands these days.

If you came upon this site thru scouring the Web immediately after your injury and at the beginning of your recovery, stay positive!