* Some doubts

Hi all,
What a great valuable tool for info this site is. Thanks a lot for this project.
I tore mine playing soccer.
I was under surgery less than a week ago. I’m still trying to digest all as I’m sitting in my sofa, for more 5/6 weeks…
So some questions:
- Do you guys don’t get scared for this happens again in the “good” tendon? What can we do to minimize that?
- Do you think about it when jumping or do something scary?
- Do you do something on the good tendon? Check if good? Strength it?

Thanks for your experiences

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  1. Since mine was a voluntary surgery which required that my achilles be cut I can’t relate to those who had it tear or rupture on its own. I sure don’t worry about mine now. I’m confident when my doc and PT guy tell me to do whatever! And I’m back to all my normal activities.

  2. I had surgery a year ago (my right Achilles ruptured while I was playing tennis) and I still have doubts about the good side. In fact, while I’ve started running and I’m up to 4-5 miles per run, I haven’t touched a tennis racket or tried many explosive movements. I still remember the feeling of the rupture and I wonder if my other one will go at some point.

    What I tried to do during my recovery was complete the rehab exercises on both legs. I figured I might as well stretch and strengthen on both sides in order to protect the uninjured tendon. I guess at some point the memory of the injury will fade and I’ll go back to tennis, etc., but it might take a bit longer! That pop from the injury has stayed with me. Hard to forget or block it out.

  3. I tore my left Achilles playing basketball about 10 months ago and having the other side go by far at this point (even as I’ve started playing competitive basketball again). Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way of preventing a tear on the other side (and believe me I’ve looked), but I definitely make sure I’m strengthening both sides just in case.

    From what I’ve heard, it’s just a matter of accepting it as a possibility and being ok with it. I’m getting there, but it’s hard.

    Best of luck on your recovery.

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