* First week after surgery

March 2 2018 - 6 days after surgery

This first week is spent lying down with the leg in an upper position because of the swelling and the sensation of throbbing when one puts the leg down.

Regarding medication, I continue with anti-thrombus injections and paracetamol. The latter only take when I have pains. On the first night, after the nerve block disappeared, I had some pain and did not want to take it, then I had to take 2 with the difference of 4 hours, but that night I slept very badly and only with the action of the medicines I was able to get rid of the pains . So my experience is if it hurts, make paracetamol for a few days …

I’ve been moving my fingers whenever I remember, though I only do twenty or thirty repetitions because then the sensation gets weird in the scar and I stop. I have done some exercise for the upper torso to keep me more or less active. The hours of leisure are long and some activities help to pass the time. For example, create a blog :)

One good thing has also been learning about what happened to me and reading about others’ experience. I strongly advise reading about the experiences of others and realizing that the worst has passed and better days will come. Of course the recovery is long but you have to go carefully to reduce the risks …

Next week I have an appointment and I see how things are …

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  1. Glad you’re doing well. I’ve been through many surgeries with my mom and they all say - keep ahead of the pain - so take the meds on schedule and after a few days try cutting back a bit to see how the pain is. If you do a search on u-tube you can find some one-legged exercises by those who have had the same injury. I found several workouts I could do while I was in the NWB stage.

  2. Great idea! I will do it…

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about your injury, but i’m glad surgery went well! This blog is great to hear other people’s stories and to stay encouraged. I still remember the moment I tore mine 4 months ago and the sinking sensation in my stomach about the long recovery.

    But by focusing on the short term tasks, one week at a time, you will see that your body will be continually healing as you go from no weight, to little weight, to no cast, to walking boot, etc.

    Good luck with your recovery!

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