* Day of surgery

February 24, 2018 - day of surgery

On the day of the surgery, I was fasting from 0h00 the day before and with an IV  much of the day. It was waiting time for me… At about 6:00 they told me that they would operated me on that day. They took me to the Operating Room and there began the preparations.

The anesthesiologist explained to me the procedure. They would create a nerve block in my left leg just behind the knee, so even after the operation I did not feel any pain. At the same time they would give me a general sedative to sleep.

After connecting several devices, wires and utensils, they placed me on my stomach on the operating table. Then there was about 5 to 10 min with the aid of an ultrasound, trying to locate my nerve to anesthetize or according to what they said, block. After giving an injection, they said they would undergo general anesthesia. 5 seconds later everything dark …

I woke up with some difficulty and tried to take a deep breath several times. But sleep was so much … I tried to stay awake but the effort was too much. I tried to win and I managed to stay awake. I was asked to wiggle my toes but besides feeling a huge tingling (similar to when we have a dormant leg), it was very difficult and little movement. I was worried!

I ate biscuits and tea and so far I have not felt any adverse effects from the anesthesia.  Good…

I slept the rest of the night better. Maybe because of  the anesthesia.

The next day, I woke up without problems. I kept my leg immobilized and I do not have any pain. I was discharged and as a prescription I just have to continue with the injections to prevent thromboses and paracetamol 1G from 8h in 8h when I have pains. By the way, so far I have no pain, I only feel a throb when the foot is down.

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  1. I’m glad the surgery went well! Be sure to ice behind the knee as often as possible and keep it elevated as much as possible. I’m surprised they kept you in the hospital overnight but different places do different things. Welcome to the road of healing and rehab! :)

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