2 Shoes 9 Weeks to the Day

Horrah!!!! ┬áJust back from the hospital and I’m in 2 shoes with a little wedge in the ATR side.

It feels amazing to be in regular shoes, so exciting, but also scary. I’m determined to go at my pace and take each day as it comes and work on flexibility little by little. The doctor said that the injury should have healed by now and it is simply a case of rehabilitation and that the main enemy is tightness.

I’m waiting to get an appointment to see an NHS physio and in the meantime I’m going to book in with a private physio and get things moving.

My injured foot is very very stinky and the skin looks like dragon’s skin all scaly and very smelly, can’t wait to have a bath tonight, it’ll be the 1st time in 9 weeks that this foot will have been washed!

The other surprising thing was that without the vacoped my leg feels soooo light, honestly, it felt like I was on the moon when lifting the leg without the boot.

Anyway - Just wanted to check in and update my profile to 2 shoes status!

Happy healing and Happy New Year everyone!

5 comments December 28th, 2016

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